May 18, 2005

Domus Academy and Progetto Italia launch Artexperience 2005, with Carsten Nicolai


Domus Academy and Progetto Italia launch Artexperience 2005

with Carsten Nicolai

Sound Spaces – Atmospheres

June 23-26, 2005

Artist: Carsten Nicolai

Lecturers: Andrea Branzi, designer and architect; Gernot Böhme, philosopher

Special Guests: Ryoji Ikeda, composer

Curator: Antonio Somaini

Assistant Curator Laura Garbarino

DA Coordinator Valentina Boscarino

Press and Promotion Diana Marrone

For 2005, Domus Academy and Progetto Italia feature the second edition of ArtExperience: two series of meetings and events on contemporary art during the month of June, to coincide with the opening of the 51st edition of the Biennale dell’Arte in Venice. Devoted both to specialists and to people keen of arts in general, ArtExperience 2005 deals the relationship between art, sound, architecture and technology with different approaches.

ArtExperience, which takes place in the Telecom Italia Future Centre, located in the striking San Salvador Cloister in Venice, is a project that every year articulates around first-rate artists of the contemporary scene: this year the danish Olafur Eliasson and the german Carsten Nicolai will enliven public conversations, round tables and performances, together with leading personalities of the cultural, art and publishing worlds.

Close to this intensive evening program of open and free events, ArtExperience proposes two workshops, held in english, that will allow a selected group of participants to spent five days in close contact with the artists.

Which is the experience of a sound space or of an atmosphere? How to design such experiences? The sound space is at the same time field of project for music, contemporary art, architecture and design as well as a metaphor through which it is possible to imagine a fluid, spread, immersed, elusive and shifty space, like an atmosphere.

In order to design a sound space, it is necessary to know that our experience of it happens through both sight and listening and that the listening happens though ears but also through the whole body, even the eyes.

To design a sound space means to investigate and to experiment the different forms of visualisation and materialisation of sound, to record and re-formulate the qualities of sound of places by means of intervention on the spreading of the sound in the space, to invent new tools and new sound shapes.

The workshop and the public events entitled Sound Spaces – Atmospheres are a reflection and active experimentation on the nature of sound spaces and atmospheres with the leadership of key figures in the field of visual art, music and architecture: the artist Carsten Nicolai, the architect and designer Andrea Branzi, the philosopher Gernot Böhme.

From Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 June 2005 the Renaissance Conventum of San Salvador (Venice) – the Telecom Italia Future Centre – will be animated with conferencies, round tables, images projections and live concerts that will give a unique occasion to get closer to a very up-to-date field of interaction among art, music and architecture.

The workshop, in English language, will be reserved to a limited number of participants that will be selected through a curriculum and a motivation letter to be sent to [email protected] They will get the opportunity to actively participate to conferencies and seminars and to present and discuss their works and their ideas with Carsten Nicolai, Andrea Branzi and Gernot Böhme. Further, each participant will be called to prepare and to show during the workshop if he/she will like – a project for a sonic installation to be set in Venice.

The open to public events will all take place at the Telecom Italia Future Centre:

– June 24, from 10 a.m. Designing sound spaces round table with Gernot Böhme, Andrea Branzi, Carsten Nicolai, Antonio Somaini and with the special participation of Angela Vettese, art critic and historian and of Yehuda Safran, Director of the Research Laboratory in Art and Architecture at Columbia University GSAPP

– June 25, from 9 p.m. a live and free concert of Carsten Nicolai and Ryoji Ikeda

Antonio Somaini is professor of Aesthetics at the Polytechnic of Milano-Bovisa and at the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo. He also teaches at the faculty of Economics and Management of Culture and Entertainment at the Università Cattolica in Milan. He has been curator of the exhibition of contemporary art entitled Il dono. Offerta, ospitalità, insidia (The Gift. Offer, Hospitaly, Trap) and he is author of the volume Rappresentazione prospettica e punto di vista and curator of the collection of essays Il luogo dello spettatore. Forme dello sguardo nella cultura delle immagini. In 2004 he has been curator of the workshop ArtExperience with Christian Marclay.

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