The Funen Art Academy is looking for a teacher
Funen Art Academy

Funen Art Academy

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The Funen Art Academy

is looking for a teacher

Application deadline: 15. March, 2006.

The Funen Art Academy is looking for a teacher

The Funen Art Academy, Denmark, is looking for a teacher in Artistic Practice in the discipline “Digital Media”. This position is held for a fixed term of 5 years.

The Funen Art Academy is an independent institution located in Odense. The Academy has about 60 students attending its 5-year higher education courses. There are three fixed-term teachers functioning as teachers in Art Practice as well as one fixed-term teacher in Art Theory/Art History. We are working in the main areas Painting, Digital Media and Concept-based Practice.

The new teacher must participate in the professional team with the subject instructors/teachers and the Rector and work together with the administrative staff of the Academy.

The Funen Art Academy aims for an international profile, and its work is based on a new study structure that is based on a development-oriented and graded form of teaching. The teaching of Art Practice focuses on individual training and workshops. The regular teachers work on the basis of these principles. Additional workshops and lectures in Art Practice and Theory are run by artists from Denmark and other countries.

Digital Media

We are looking for one teacher of Digital Media who is experienced in the field Art Video (including video installations), possibly animations and/or related media. This position is rated as around 32%, which equal five monthly teaching days throughout the study year (8.5 months) plus preparations, participation in extraordinary meetings and study trips. As far as possible, we prefer that these five days are taught in one stretch. The salary is DDK 13,400 per month.

A video technician is attached to the line Digital Media, and the teacher is to collaborate with him/her about technical issues.

The teacher is to shape the subject profile of the Academy in this field. In addition, the teacher of Digital Media is to give the Academy advice in connection with purchases of technical equipment and software.

It is expected that you:

– have an active artistic practice in this field

– are artistically up-to-date as far as technical know-how is concerned

– have a sound knowledge of video art in general

– are actually capable of teaching

– have international and national experience

– are ready to enter into close professional and administrative cooperation with the other subject instructors/teachers, the Rector and the administrative staff

– work well with others and are sociable and friendly

The summer vacation/holiday for this position is from mid June to late September. How and when the classes are to be held is to be agreed with the Principal who is in charge of coordinating the lessons.

If you would like to know more about the strategy and teaching methods of the Funen Art Academy, please contact us at [email protected]

Application deadline: 15. March, 2006.

The position is available from September 1, 2006.

Apart from the written application, it must contain materials that document your artistic practice (portfolio, video, DVD, or something similar).

The application and the additional materials are sent to:

Det fynske Kunstakademi

Brandts Passage 43, 4.

Postboks 1213

5000 Odense C.


and it must be labelled: “digital media”

The Funen Art Academy is a further education in visual art offering a new and innovative educational structure for contemporary art practice. The education is structured through a horizontal model within which personal instruction and practical and theoretical workshop courses are emphasized.

The Funen Art Academy is featuring three fields of artistic practice: painting, digital media and conceptually defined practice. The Funen Art Academy employs three teachers: Anette Abrahamsson (painting), Anja Franke (digital media), Jens Haaning (conceptually defined practice). The Funen Art Academy is lead by rector Sanne Kofod Olsen.


March 1, 2006