March 7, 2008

Städelschule at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Städelschule at KW, Berlin

In connection with the presentation of the Rausch Collection at Hotel Marienbad in the Kunst-Werke in Berlin, Frankfurt’s Städelschule arranges a series of events. Hartmut and Helga Rausch, the caretakers of the Städelschule, have a large collection of artworks by students and teachers of the Städelschule. A selection will be on view at the Kunst-Werke. Opening: March 11, 20 pm

The following night two new publications will be presented by some of the teachers of the Städelschule, including Thomas Bayrle, Daniel Birnbaum, Isabelle Graw, Simon Starling and Wolfgang Tillmans. Place: Kunst-Werke, Berlin. Time: March 12, 20 pm

Kunst lehren – Teaching Art
Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main
Edited by Heike Belzer and Daniel Birnbaum
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne 2007
English/German, 376 pages,
ISBN 978-3-86560-339-5

“I don’t think art can be taught. I really don’t,” states Baldessari in an interview students of the Städelschule made with him in connection with his recent exhibition at the Portikus in Fankfurt. That is a tough statement to print in a book with the title Teaching Art.

This is a book about the Städelschule today and about some of the activities through which our students get exposed to art and to the theories of art as well as to practicing artists from around the world. All the contributors to this book have been linked to our school, either as faculty or as guests for workshops and seminars. The contributors include Thomas Bayrle, Johan Bettum, Daniel Birnbaum, Okwui Enwezor, Isabelle Graw, Michael Krebber, Pamela M. Lee, Niklas Maak, Vanessa Joan Müller, Tobias Rehberger, Willem de Rooij, Simon Starling, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jan Verwoert, Mark Wigley and many more.

Wolfgang Tillmans’s contribution is a series of photographs portraying the daily life in the school.

PORTIKUS 2004-2007

Edited by Nikola Dietrich; with texts by Nikola Dietrich, Daniel Birnbaum, Christine Macel, Catherine Wood and Charles Merewether English/German, 132 pages, many illustrations in color; soft-cover. Verlag Walther König; 2008
ISBN 978-3-86560-404-0

This book presents three years of production at the Portikus, the kunsthalle associated with
the Städelschule.

On Sunday, March 16, 20 pm, students of the Städelschule present new films.

Place: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Augustrasse 69 10117 Berlin

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