July 2, 2008

News from Glasgow School of Art MFA

Glasgow School of Art
News from Glasgow School of Art MFA

The MFA Programme at Glasgow School of Art is now entering its twentieth year. There have been many changes throughout this period, but some things remain more or less constant. Here’s a thought. After years of wear and tear, all the original timbers of the Argos, the vessel which carried Jason and his crew from adventure to adventure, had been replaced. This prompts a philosophical speculation: was the final Argos still the ‘real’ Argos, despite having none of its original timbers? And so it is with the MFA. Students come and students go, but the MFA remains. And yet these transitory students are the MFA. Without them it is simply an empty concept, an unrealised possibility. When a group of young artists from around the world comes together for two years on the Programme they realise the MFA’s possibilities. Each realisation is different, and thus the MFA is constantly reinvented by the students, whilst somehow remaining… the MFA.

The Glasgow School of Art is pleased to announce the launch of the GSA MFA website, showcasing MFA graduate work.

The website – contains images of 2008 graduates’ work, together with links to the MFA blog, galleries exhibiting students’ work, and a space for each artist to profile themselves:

We would also like to inform potential MFA students that application for 2008 entry to the MFA is still open. Information about application may be found at:

Image above:
Heike Kabish (MFA, 2008) – Good Men, The Last Wave By, Crying So Bright

For more information go to:

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