April 14, 2009

Janet Sternburg at Seoul Institute of the Arts

Art & Education

Fertile Confusion

Seoul Institute of the Arts
123 Taebong-gil
Danwon-gu, Ansan
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Telephone: 82-31-412-7104

The Seoul Institute of the Arts presents Fertile Confusion, an innovative multi-layered exhibition of Janet Sternburg’s photography, commissioned to inaugurate its new Art & Technology Center (ATEC). Sternburg uses reflection to uncover the layers of experience within a moment, creating a porous universe in which inside and outside, solid and fluid intermingle. She explores the special quality of disposable cameras with no digital or optical manipulation. They are images of what happens when one suspends conventional seeing to find, as the artist has written, ‘a fertile confusion sufficient to the richness of mind and experience.’ The Seoul Institute of the Arts has produced a video of Sternburg’s work with music composed by its faculty. The exhibition includes a three-story glass facade designed by video artist Ed Purver on which Sternburg’s images will be projected.

Janet Sternburg’s photography has been exhibited in one-person shows
in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, Berlin, Heidelberg, Munich and now, Seoul, as well as in portfolios in Aperture and Art Journal. Also a poet and memoirist, Sternburg’s books include Optic Nerve: Photopoems (Red Hen Press, 2005), Phantom Limb: A Memoir (University of Nebraska Press, American Lives series, 2002) and the landmark two-volume set, The Writer on Her Work.

Video designer:
Ed Purver is a new media artist based in Brooklyn, specializing in site-specific interactive video projections. His video work has been exhibited in festivals and galleries in New York, California and Arizona.

There will be a seminar and performance on April 17th accompanying the opening of this exhibition.

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