May 12, 2009

AAA: Build Your Dream Museum Collection Everyday!

Asia Art Archive

How do museums value the importance of things? Should museums only collect objects that are beautiful, sacred or rare?

The value of objects is also about what happens when they come into contact with a specific time, idea or place. Objects can be read as reflections of the kinds of societies and individuals we have become.

What objects are important to you? What would you put into a museum and why?
And what stories are told when they are brought together?

Build your dream museum collection by re-thinking the everyday objects that surround you!

As Hong Kong embarks on the ambitious West Kowloon Cultural District project, and with plans to build museums across the region, last year, AAA, asked the public to consider and describe their ideal museum through the enthusiastically received community project, What is your dream museum? with 4,000 responses sent in from around the world and exhibited in Hong Kong and on the website.

This April through May, AAA calls on the community to build a collection for their dream museum by sending in an object or uploading an image on to the dream museum website. 10,000 specially designed cards have been sent to schools, universities and art organizations throughout Hong Kong, and individuals around the world are invited to build their dream museum collection by sending in their responses.

Dream Museum Convenience Store
14-17 May
Booth G01 at ART HK 09, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Taking Thai respondent Sarawut Chutiwongpeti’s call for the dream museum to be “Like 7-Eleven”, AAA sets up the Dream Museum Convenience Store at ART HK 09 with a selection of this year’s responses in the form of written cards, photos and objects. Like 7- Eleven, AAA wishes to create an environment that the public can easily access thereby contesting the traditional perceptions of the museum as a place of authority and exclusivity.

During the course of the fair, the public can bring in an image or object to contribute to the collection. Artists, designers and architects will be invited to host a series of workshops to work with the public to facilitate and encourage discussion on the subject.

Documentation of the project in the form of photographs, a book and the website will be available after the completion of the project.

Community Partners: The Hong Kong Federation Youth Groups, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
Sponsored by: The Burger Collection, AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited
Supported by: ART HK 09, Hong Kong Tramways, Milkxhake, MTR, Pico Group, Sino Group’s ‘Art in Hong Kong’

Public Panel Discussions for ART HK 09 – Backroom Conversations

In light of major museum projects in Hong Kong and around the region, as the official educational partner for ART HK 09, AAA continues to consider issues first raised at last year’s conference around the museum, this year, taking as the point of departure themes or areas of interest that are prevalent in contemporary art practice today.

2– 4pm | Art + Design
Ron ARAD, Founder, Ron Arad Studio | Defne AYAS, Co-Director of Programme, Arthub | LIM Geun-jun, Art and Design critic | Michael LIN, Artist | SIU King-chung, Assistant Professor, School of Design, HK Polytechnic University | Moderated by Charles MEREWETHER, Director 2006 Sydney Biennale

In recent years, the region has seen an increasing number of exhibitions that explore the crossover of art and design. For this discussion we look at the ways in which the bridging of art and design are manifesting themselves; whether we need a new vocabulary for an expanding discourse; and how museum strategies are revisited to include these recent developments. At the same time, we question the presumed distinction between art, craft and design in a region where the boundaries have not historically been so clear cut.

4.30 – 6.15 pm | Participation, Collaboration & The Everyday
LEUNG Mee Ping, Artist | Daravuth LY, Co-Director, Reyum | Frances MORRIS, Head of Collections, International Art, Tate Modern | Hammad NASAR, Founder, Green Cardamom | Rirkrit TIRAVANIJA, Artist | Moderated by Vasif KORTUN, Director, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center & Curator, Taipei Biennale 2008

In many regions of the world, where there isn’t a museum going public nor infrastructure, where the white cube is not definitive, participation, collaboration and the everyday are key in thinking about contemporary art practice and its’ public. At the same time, by bringing these projects and activities in to a more formal museum structure, the very nature of the museum is transformed. AAA invites artists and experts to discuss these issues both as alternative and in relation to the museum.

Supported by: Home Affairs Bureau of HKSAR, The Burger Collection, AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited

The not-for-profit Asia Art Archive based in Hong Kong is a resource, research and idea platform for contemporary art in the region. As well as offering one of the most comprehensive public libraries and archives with this focus in the world, AAA actively organize programs and projects to consider the material in the archive, as well as to address pertinent issues in the field.

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