October 30, 2009

The University of Texas at Austin Department of Art and Art History to Co-Host “Transnational Latin American Art: From 1950 to the Present Day”

The University of Texas at Austin

Where: ACES Building 2.302, Avaya Auditorium


Background: In 2008, the Department of Art and Art History welcomed Professor Andrea Giunta and Associate Professor Roberto Tejada to its faculty, where they established the Permanent Seminar in Latin American Art. Focusing on Latin American and U.S. Latino art, the permanent seminar is an open-ended research space dedicated to the creative production of knowledge; participation includes graduate students, artists, art historians and critics from UT and from Latin America. Within this context, Professor Giunta spearheaded collaboration with “Meeting Margins: Transnational Art in Europe & Latin America 1950-1978.” Meeting Margins is three-year research project funded by the United Kingdom Arts & Humanities Research Council. It proposes a new approach to the study of Latin America, one that questions the role traditionally ascribed to New York as the dominant force in modern art in the post-war years, and focuses on artistic exchanges between Europe and Latin America as well as intra-Latin American exchanges. It is a collaboration between the Department of Art History & Theory, University of Essex and the TrAIN Research Centre, and University of the Arts London.

Contact: Leslie Lyon (512) 475-7033, [email protected]

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