January 8, 2010

KHM: Call for Applications

Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)
Audiovisual Media

The KHM has, on average, 330 students a year, who are intensively served by an international professorial and colleagueship team, as well as by a network of fellows and guest lecturers. The ongoing collaboration – with national and international academies, cultural institutions, festivals, exhibition organizers, as well as the media and film industries – promotes and underscores the teaching.

Study at the Art Academy of Media Arts Cologne is possible at three types or qualification levels. It always culminates in a degree.

1. 8-semester basic undergrad studies
2. 4-semester postgraduate studies
3. 4-semester continuing-education studies

The KHM also offers the possibility of a PhD in philosophy.

1. The undergrad 8-semester study course with a degree in Audiovisual Media is being offered jointly by the fields Film – Art – Theory. Courses can be interdisciplinarily combined according to individual interests. The course of study consists of a 3-semester introductory and a 5-semester advanced program. During the introductory semesters, special attention is given to instruction in artistic grass-roots in so-called fundamental seminars that include technical courses (e.g., video/moving pictures, photography, material/ sculpture/ code, etc.). In addition, the student is given a theoretical basis in the aesthetics of art and the media as well as artistic practice (via theoretical seminars in the disciplines of film, art, media). The advanced curriculum centers on the preparation and realization of independent artistic projects.

2. and 3. The postgraduate 4-semester course in additional or continuing education is directly project-oriented and can be studied with specialization in the fields of Art or Film. This study course is, at the time, still in a restructuring phase.

For this variation to numbers 1 to 3 (8-semester, basic study course, 4-semester postgraduate or continuing education study course), there are different entrance requirements and application dates.

Start of studies: winter semester – approx. 60 students a year
Deadline for application:
February 4th 2009 (1. undergraduate)
january 18th 2009 (2. and 3. postgraduate)
Entrance requirements: Higher education qualification and artistic aptitude
1. for undergraduates: 4-month internship in media/art field
2. for numbers 2 and 3 additional or continuing-education study: a university degree in a relevant field of study or 2 years of professional practice in art/design.
Graduation: diploma
approx. 200 EURO per semester for AStA, student guild, NRW ticket, health insurance, etc.

Subjects offered by the three fields Film – Art – Theory


– Animation
– Documentary
– Dramaturgy
– Script
– TV formats
– Camera
– Live direction
– Production expertise
– Directing
– Sound
– Feature film
– Animated cartoon


– Animation
– Design
– Experimental film
– Experimental informatics
– Photography
– Graphics
– Holography
– “Hybrid space”
– Interactive dramaturgy
– Tone / Sound
– Art in public space
– Light media
– Painting
– Media mise-en-scène / installation / video art
– Media art
– Multimedia
– Performance
– “Surveillant Architecture”
– Scenography
– Video


– Aesthetics
– Experimental informatics
– The science of film
– Communication science
– Art theory / art history in a media context
– Media theory
– Media and cultural theories [gender]
– Theory and design of the hypermedia

KHM Academic staff (2009/2010)
Marie-Luise Angerer, Matthias Antlfinger, Thomas Bauermeister, Peter Bexte, Peter F. Bringmann, Lars Büchel, Didi Danquardt, Frank Döhmann, Heide Hagebölling, Gebhard Henke, Andreas Henrich, Ute Hörner, Slawomir Idziak, Horst Königstein, Raimund Krumme, Mischa Kuball, Dietrich Leder, Zilvinas Lilas, Anthony Moore, Matthias Müller, Marcel Odenbach, Hans Ulrich Reck, Sabine Rollberg, Verena Rudolph, Julia Scher, Katrin Schlösser, Thomas Schmitt, Klaus Schöning, Peter Friedrich Stephan, Georg Trogemann, Robert van Ackeren, Frans Vogelaar, Volker Weicker, Johannes Wohnseifer, Tobias Zielony

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