April 17, 2010

HfG: Call for Applications

Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design

The Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design enjoys a strong international reputation for the quality of its staff and facilities, and promotes extensive international relations with other avant-garde cultural institutions, beginning with sister institute ZKM Center for Art and Media, and extending to European design firms, galleries, museums and theaters which work closely with the students in developing long-term projects.

Subjects offered in the fields of Art, Design, and Theory:

– Media Art
– Digital Media/Info Art
– New Media
– Film
– Photography
– Sound
– 3D-Animation

– Exhibition Design
– Scenography
– Communication Design
– Product Design

– Art Research
– Media Theory
– Philosophy and Aesthetics

The Diplom qualification is by default 9 semesters, or 4.5 years, and is comparable to completing a Master’s degree and is recognized worldwide. The Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design purposely does not offer Bachelor’s or Master’s programs. The rigid structure of these programs would oppose the University’s code: free reign for the development of theoretical and technical skills and abilities, and the “schooling” of independent thinking. Maximum academic freedom is achieved by a non-modular degree program.

The program is punctuated by two major exams, the Vordiplom and the final Diplom exams. The content of these varies according to faculty. Art Research and Media Theory students must pass a written exam followed by an interview with unprepared questions from different areas of theory. For art and design students, it is common to prepare an exhibition or submit a work that has been prepared over the course of one or two semesters.

Students have the possibility to specialize in one of communication or product design, Scenography, Exhibition Design, Art Research, Media Theory, Philosophy, and Media Art, which includes Photography, Sound, Film, Video, New Media, and 3D-animation.

Theory students may also continue on to doctoral and post-doctoral study in Philosophy, Art Research or Media Theory.

Start of studies: winter semester

Deadline for application:
15 April – May 31 (undergraduate and graduate)

Fees: 100 EURO per semester compulsory administration fee. Foreign and German students both pay 500 EURO study fees if not covered by exceptional circumstances (exceptions may be granted for: low income of parents, more than 1 sibling still a student, and so on)

Entrance requirements:
For undergraduates: School leaving qualification, and artistic aptitude
Theory students applying for graduate study: a university degree in a relevant field of study.

Graduation: Diplom (first degree, equivalent to a Master’s) and doctorate

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