July 20, 2010

Live a different experience abroad: study at Escola Sao Paulo, Brasil

Escola São Paulo

The School was founded with the purpose of offering educational improvement through art and culture. Among the main activities the School offers courses, lectures and workshops and, apart from a library, movie collections, CD collections and exhibitions open to the general public and free of charge.

The School offers the students innovative subjects, presented by well-known professionals who live and work tuned with contemporary arts. Escola São Paulo areas of activities: Architecture, Visual Arts, Cinema, Review, Digital Culture, Dance, Drawing and Design, Philosophy, Photography, Gastronomy, Cultural Management, History, Illustration, Literature, Fashion, Music, New Medias, Contemporary Thinking, Performance, Cultural Production, Theatre and Television.

Why study at Escola São Paulo?
You will be connected to the best professionals in the market and interact, live, touch, feel and learn with practical activities in a new away. It is a space propitious to the cultural creation and experimentation in a contemporary perspective; proposing the student to transit in different areas. The courses and workshops’ dynamics enable students to obtain knowledge and information apart from making movies (shorts), literary texts, photo essays, gastronomic tasting, fashion preview and fashion collections, reviews, graphic and plastic projects and illustrations.

You can choose any of the annual programs in the fields of fashion and movie-making, with practical and theoretical modules, courses, lectures and workshops on different areas which aim at including contemporary culture in the educational process.

Courses are offered in different formats from long-duration courses for professionals to workshops, lectures and meetings, with the participation of worldwide renowned professionals.

PIESP – Independent Study Program for the arts
(Language and Project Development for Young Artists)

Discover all the possibilities to broaden your perspectives.

Program Director: Adriano Pedrosa

Seminar Leaders and Tutors: Adriano Pedrosa (director), Carla Zaccagnini, Julieta Gonzáles, Ivo Mesquita, Leda Catunda, Marcos Moraes, Rodrigo Moura and Rosângela Rennó.

PIESP is designed aiming for artists who are at the beginning of their career. The program has one-year duration on visual arts and is structured through critical seminars or critic classes, lectures, individual meetings with top artists and curators from Brazil, to discuss and develop language and projects.

Application deadline: July 26, 2010

For more information: [email protected]

Special Assistance in Brazil
We have specialized staff that can help you find a place to live, nearby restaurants and cultural tips at the city.

Call us and schedule your visit: 55 11 3060 3636 or e-mail us:[email protected]

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