December 1, 2010

Expanded Graduate Programming at MICA

Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)
Blend Media/Blend Disciplines/Blend Art and Community

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• In the most innovative business program in the country, students in the Master of Professional Studies in the Business of Art and Design gain expertise in starting, growing, and sustaining an arts related business or to excel in a company by combining creative expertise with business knowledge through online coursework and brief residencies.

• The MFA in Community Arts is one of the only programs in the world that helps artists find their own voice by giving voice to others. Real world experience combines independent art-making with community-based projects. Students become “citizen artists,” using a foundation in theory, extensive studio work, and partnership with community leaders to affect civic, youth, and community development.

• The first-in-the-nation MFA in Curatorial Practice program pushes students to expand the role of curators by forging a link between the vision of artists, the needs and historical cultural environment of communities, and the goals of the exhibition venue. Emerging curators explore art history, theory and criticism, ethics, politics of the art world, and partner engagement as they develop and curate a high-profile capstone exhibit.

• An innovation in design education, the MA in Social Design program prepares designers to assume leadership roles in social change. Rooted heavily in active collaboration with communities, partners, sponsors, and peers, students learn to use design to solve problems, change lifestyles, raise awareness, and influence public policy–and to measure the impact of their work.

• A “remix of art and design,” the MFA in Illustration Practice program challenges artists to purposefully blur the boundaries between art and design, to blend media, and to use research and collaboration in the creation of illustrations that emotionally and intellectually engage communities and draw connections with historical and cultural contexts. The program also has a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship development.

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