May 5, 2011

Space Strategies

weißensee academy of art berlin

Berlin-Weissensee School of Art
Space Strategies MA
Exploratory Art in Public Contexts


This program offers an artistic / academic postgraduate qualification for transdisciplinary projects in the public sphere. It is aimed at the interface between the arts and the sciences, at the type of self-directed artistic work in public contexts that is increasingly sought after in the new fields of independent cultural work and cultural networks. Students will learn and develop integrative methods of working, including qualitative research techniques as well as field study, practical site research and body-oriented performance strategies. Innovative teaching methods combine theory and artistic practice into an integrated learning process: Approaches from contemporary cultural, media and spatial theory are taught alongside the production and documentation of transdisciplinary work in public spaces. The curriculum also covers organizing and financing projects in cooperation with international and Berlin-based cultural institutions.


The two-year tuition-based program is intended for undergraduate degree holders in a variety of fields—visual artists, designers, architects, media and cultural theorists, sociologists—who wish to obtain a postgraduate degree (MA) in the arts.


Application information:


Application period: May 1–31


Semester start: October


Requirements: Website – Space Strategies (Regularities of Accreditation)


Tuition: 1,250 EUR per semester




Semester 1


Module i
Strategies for Getting Started
1 Theory/Practice Project I
2 Theory Seminar: Analyzing space
3 Practical Seminar: Performative Spatial Interpretations / Interventions


Module ii
Strategies for Speaking and Writing
4 Practical Seminar: Materiality and Mediality
5 Theory Seminar: Media and Communication


Semester 2


Module iii
Strategies for Action
6 Theory/Practice Project II
7 Theory Seminar: Performative Space


Module iv
Strategies for Making and Showing
8 Practical Seminar: Creating Materials to Document Theory / Practice Project II (work study)
9 Practical Seminar: Collaborative Work and Project-Based Collaborations 


Semester 3


Module v
Strategies for Integration and Negotiation
10 Theory/Practice Project III: Major Project
11 Theory Seminar: Space and Public Contexts
12 Required Elective 


Semester 4


Module vi
Strategies for Transformation
13 Thesis Project with Colloquium


For additional information:


Tel: +49 (30) 477 05.342 › Fax: +49 (30) 477 05.290


studienberatung @ –


Detailed information about the program (student handbook in PDF form) may be found on the KHB website ( under Departments / Postgraduate Studies / Space Strategies.


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