January 10, 2012

Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)
Photo: Khm kit.

The Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) was founded in 1990. It offers an educational concept, which is the only one of its kind in Germany, that brings together the fields of film, art and theory in one degree course: “Media and Fine Art”. As such the KHM is an art school with a focus on media, and a film school with a focus on art. Teaching encourages concurrent engagement with various arts so that students gain knowledge in a wide range of manual skills and artistic disciplines. Study is supported through interdisciplinary supervision by professors, artistic and academic staff and technicians. This practise-oriented study is supplemented by seminars and lectures. The ateliers, studios and labs of the KHM where the students work are equipped with high quality equipment, reflecting the diversity of the fields of study and current developments in media technology. The KHM grants a diploma degree in media and fine arts (Course in 9 or 4 semesters) or a doctors degree (Dr. Phil.). The number of students at the KHM has levelled off at around 60 newcomers per winter semester and an average of around 360 students in each year.


Degree course I: A three-semester foundation imparts the basics of theory and artistic practise. A six-semester main course concentrates on individual specialisations in artistic disciplines based in the spheres of film and art.


Degree course II: The KHM offers direct access to the sixth semester to students with a degree from another art school or university or with the relevant practical experience not less than two years. This four semester course also leads to the award of an Academy of Media Arts Cologne diploma and is postgraduate in character.


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