February 25, 2012

Kungl. Konsthögskolan | Royal Institute of Art seeks a Professor of Architectural Theory and Architectural History

Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm

With a history dating back to 1735, the Royal Institute of Art is one of the oldest and most influential higher education art institutes in Europe.


The architecture department of the Royal Institute of Art – Mejan Arc – is currently in a formative phase of expansion. The three post-graduate courses Architecture, Architectural Conservation, and Art and Architecture have undertaken a number of projects over the past few years based on an international public discussion of ideas as well as on artistic practice. How can the city and its various forms of living, environments, architecture and history best be utilised from the perspective of sustainability? How can we, as urban players, work together? Who is a city for? Taking these questions as a starting point, we are currently seeking a professor of architectural theory and architectural history who can contribute to the development of the study programme and research at Mejan Arc.


The architectural theory and history programme aims to provide in-depth knowledge of the subject and we would be happy to see an orientation towards urban planning theory and architectural history in combination with other analysis models and methods for interpretations of the city and its architecture. The professor will contribute to development of the department as a whole but will also run a course individually in architectural theory and architectural history. The post will include planning courses, giving lectures, leading seminars, providing individual guidance, developing research, and participating in and contributing to the overall work of the institute. We would be happy to see increased cooperation between the two departments Mejan Arc and Fine Arts.


The professorship is a full-time post, which includes time for research. The appointment is for five years and may be extended by KKH without being re-advertised. The post is to start in autumn 2012.


Please submit your application by 19 March 2012.


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MEJAN ARC, Advanced Studies in Urbanism
The architecture department of the Royal Institute of Art – Mejan Arc – is a forum for architectural and urban studies that offers one-year post-graduate courses in three disciplines, including Architecture, Architectural Conservation and Art and Architecture. The goal of the School of Architecture is to engage society through the generation of relevant and tangible projects, as well as the creation of working networks that continue outside the academic realm. Projects generated at the school often become independent platforms that develop on their own.


An increasingly urban world necessitates new perspectives. The three programs share an interest in the City while differing in their focus – history and identity, social aspects and future urban possibilities. By utilizing methods of research and design we explore the potential of urban environments in a rapidly changing world.



Kungl. Konsthögskolan | Royal Institute of Art
Visiting address: Flaggmansvägen 1, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm
Postal address: Box 163 15, SE-103 26 Stockholm, Sweden
T +46-(0)8-614 40 00
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Contact: The Vice-Chancellor Måns Wrange, [email protected] , +46-(0)70-750 40 02.


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