March 9, 2012

Call for applications: MICA MA in Critical Studies

Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

The MASTER OF ARTS IN CRITICAL STUDIES program at the Maryland Institute College of Art gives students an in-depth grounding in critical theory and analysis through an intensive, one-year program set in the heart of contemporary cultural production.

Prepare for a career influencing culture through critical expression—as a writer, curator, critic, journalist, educator, or resident expert at academic, cultural, or public institutions. Bridge your interest in the creative arts with a solid grounding in liberal arts. Gain advanced research and writing skills along with knowledge of aesthetics, art and cultural history, and critical theory in preparation for making significant contributions to critical discourse connected to visual arts, design, film, performance, and other forms of cultural production.

Learn both how and why art is created as you develop your own voice and venues for discussing it in a way that advances the visibility, impact, and appreciation of arts and culture. Prospective students may have backgrounds in areas including: visual arts and/or liberal arts, including artists, art historians, designers, writers, critics, curators, and managers in cultural institutions.
Earn your master’s degree through a one-year, 30-credit program of study that allows you to grow your skill set in a compressed time period.
Develop your skills in research, analysis, writing, communication, and observation.
Focus your study on one artistic field or customize your degree plan to gain greater understanding of multiple fields.
Immerse yourself in MICA’s distinctive creative environment—collaborating with graduate students creating trendsetting art and design or inventing new ways to showcase culture, and learning from world renowned visiting artists, designers, and critics featured in the Graduate Colloquium lecture series.
Learn from faculty mentors from diverse disciplines who are accomplished practicing critical thinkers, writers, scholars, and practitioners in a number of fields, including art history, theory and criticism, film studies, philosophy, literature, curatorial studies, and studio practice.
Apply advanced critical skills to a thesis project that provides a gateway to professional experience.
Gain insight that will prepare you for further advanced study, including doctoral programs.
Become an invaluable contributor to public discussions of the arts—through literary publishing, print and broadcast media, academic discourse, and other venues.

First-of-their kind programs, accomplished faculty mentors, research, community and social engagement, and professional development distinguish MICA’s graduate offerings. Graduate Study at MICA offers a rigorous experience for highly motivated artists, designers, writers, and educators seeking to realize a personal vision, gain the skills and connections needed for professional success, and develop meaningful, collaborative relationships and networks.
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