March 16, 2012

Symposium: Turn Me On – Design Hits On Luxembourg, Mudam Luxembourg

Mudam – The Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg

Mudam Luxembourg, Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, proudly presents a one-day symposium organized within the framework of Design City 2012, Luxembourg Design Biennial.

Key questions of the symposium include: What added value can design thinking bring to Luxembourg’s business, education and cultural sector? What is going on in the world of contemporary international design and what can the Luxembourgish field learn from these developments? How is design currently perceived and employed across the country? How can Luxembourg’s enterprises and designers foster a design culture of international repute? What roles should design and its stakeholders (policy makers, educators, designers, enterprises, citizens) adopt in order to enhance the service economy and make it sustainable?

The symposium aims to address both the economic and the cultural sector of Luxembourg in order to bridge their respective interests. It is designed to attract both culturally-minded and business-oriented people. Both groups will be invited to think about design as an integral part of society: indeed, the guiding idea is the integration of design at all levels of society through appropriate responses to actual needs. The meeting looks at design in an inclusive and interdisciplinary fashion that goes beyond disciplines: “It is not about the world of design, but the design of the world.” (John Thackara)

The one-day programme reflects the principle of design thinking: while the morning has a visionary focus, with a lot of room for discussion, the afternoon has a hands-on character, with presentations on best practices and participative master classes. The goal is to bridge thinking with making and to develop strategic innovation through an open and creative mindset. The target audience of the symposium includes designers, enterprises (CEOs and designers of SMEs), policy makers and mediators involved with the multiple aspects of design.

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Sophie Krier

Design City 2012 curator
Anna Loporcaro

Tracy Metz

Charles Landry, Sebastian Bergne, Jurgen Bey, Anna Bernagozzi, Sophie Krier, Mustafa Tazeoglu, Hans Venhuizen

Octavie Modert, Lucienne Blessing, Robert Dennewald, Bob Krieps, Enrico Lunghi

Jean-Paul Carvalho, Gilles Gardula, Jan Glas, Mike Koedinger, Anne Lejeune, Maurice Léonard, Jackie Moulin, Stéphanie Rollin, Paul Schockmel, Frank Steffen, Silvano Vidale, Pat Zimmer

Side programme
Benoît Martiny & Rico Querin
Julie Rothhahn
Animation Department of Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers

Mudam Luxembourg
Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean
3, Park Dräi Éechelen
L-1499 Luxembourg

Friday, 27 April 2012, 08.00–17.30

Registration deadline
15 April 2012

Entrance fee
40 EUR for professionals
15 EUR for students
Lunch & drinks included

All talks are delivered in English

Information and registration
T. +352 45 37 85 535
[email protected]

The symposium Turn Me On – Design Hits On Luxembourg is organized by Mudam Luxembourg in collaboration with Luxinnovation, Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg and with the support of Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg.

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