May 21, 2012

Symposium and call for Curatorial Bursary

CRATE Studio and Project Space

CRATE Exhibition as Medium End Symposium
Can we consider the exhibition as medium?

Ruth Beale
Dave Beech
Andrew Cross
Janna Graham
Toby Huddlestone
Sue Jones
Paul O’Neill
Matthew De Pulford
Neal White
+ more

CRATE’s Exhibition as Medium End Symposium will present two keynote papers on possibility and ambition, spectatorship, and impossibility by Janna Graham and Dave Beech respectively, along with project reviews of the recent Exhibition as Medium programme at CRATE discussed by those involved, including Andrew Cross, Bob Levene, Paul O’Neill, and Neal White among others. Exhibition as Medium programme curator Toby Huddlestone will also provide an introduction and overview to the programme.

Paul O’Neill will chair a responsive discussion, leading to an open dialogue inviting questions and thoughts from all attendees.

This is the final element of the Exhibition as Medium programme. Beginning with Start Symposium in early 2011, the programme and organisation was to be perceived as an ongoing active conversation delving into alternate exhibition formats, experimenting with the exhibition as one multi-authored artwork rather than a space in which to show separate hermetic works. The programme has attempted to bridge the chasm between the discussion generated through research and process, and our ‘final’ exhibited product.

The symposium will focus on the research undertaken through the programme via the following questions:
How can we breakdown existing hierarchies between organisations, curators, and artists, instead finding some commonality of practice and expression?
Can we mould collective ideas together in order to co-author and co-produce exhibitions, events, and artworks?
How can we explore a shift in authorship and control between curators and artists?
How can we express artistic practice, rather than just artistic product?
Is it more interesting and freeing to ignore ideas around the catagorisation of rigid art practices?
Is it more interesting to say ‘I am the artist, curator, exhibition, programme, and organisation’ rather than ‘I am the artist’?
What is the role of our public(s) when working on conversation-driven programmes? Can we become our own public(s)?
What kind of impact do programmes such as Exhibition as Medium have on audience, the art world, and culture?

Over 80 thinkers including artists, curators, and writers have contributed to the 7 separate projects making up Exhibition as Medium, unearthing research and adopting new processes in order to investigate shifts in what the exhibition can be.

Tickets 10 GBP, concessions 5 GBP.
To book tickets please follow the instructions via EAM End Symposium.

Crate Curatorial Bursary
Application deadline: June 1, 2012

Crate is offering an opportunity to develop an 18-month programme for its project spaces, starting early in 2013.

This opportunity is aimed at artists and curators who have previous experience of curating and coordinating projects and who are happy to self direct a programme and work independently. CRATE is a small but ambitious organisation that focuses on critical dialogue into contemporary culture and the visual arts. Applicants should have proven ability of building and maintaining infrastructure around projects and/or organisations.

It is encouraged the recipient will help develop the organisation outside of the curated programme, by devising key initiatives with the CRATE team to contribute to the organisation’s sustainability into the future.

We will also accept proposals from collectives.

The successful applicant for the bursary will receive a 1000 GBP fee to develop a programme proposal including funding applications, with Crate’s support.

For more information on this opportunity please click here.

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