May 21, 2012

Destroy all nouns at Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Destroy all nouns emerges from a series of open and unconditional conversations addressing the semiotics of exhibition making through abandon of the mediation between individual and institution.

Through these conversations the exhibition has consequently been developed through an expanded curatorial mode of procedure where the group—or the community of students and invited external experts—has been superordinate to individual curatorial practice.

Through the development of a common conceptual manual the exhibition has been materialised in different forms; as an essay, an architectonical structure, and a publication in four parts (TEXT, WORK, TOOL, MATERIAL).


Students: Maria Brinch, Ingeborg Resell Elieson, Herman Steen Eriksen, Siri Espeseth
, Hege Hønsvall Grønstad, Trude Johansen, Susanne Hjorth Joneid, Tian Jun
, Marthe Karen Kampen, Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas, Magnie Liv Nilsen, Annika Isaksson Pirtti, Pauliina Pöllänen, 
Siri Sandersen
, Sandro Alan Steger, Anne Kristine Togstad, Kirsti Willemse, 
Hedvig Winge

Architect: John Robert Nilsson has done major exhibition spaces such as Magasin 3 in Stockholm. His office also develops private houses and apartments, for which they gained a lot of international attention.

Writer: Jens Soneryd is a creative director with an academic background in philosophy and literary studies. He has developed a number of brand, design, and communication concepts in areas such as furniture, fashion, and politics.

Graphic Designers: Brita Lindvall and Alexandra Falagara (The Treasure Factory) have previously worked with magazines such as METROPOLIS M and BANG.

Curator: Linus Elmes has a background in several artist-collaborations. His main areas of interest include cooking, imaginary curating, and gambling. Presently he is Director at UKS, Oslo, Norway.

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