June 20, 2012

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts: job openings in Camera Arts

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, School of Art and Design
Photo by Evert Ypma © 2011.

The Lucerne Applied University of Sciences and Arts – School of Art and Design offers distinctive study programs in fine art and design and positions itself through selected focal points. Embedded in international networks, with a highly engaged faculty, excellent workshops and studios, the School of Art and Design nurtures a dynamic environment with profound potential for professional development. The School of Art and Design is one of five schools of the Lucerne Applied University of Sciences and Arts, which includes in total 1300 employees and 8700 students.

For the new baccalaureate study program ‘Camera Arts – Photography in context of media, art and society’ we are seeking excellent and enthusiast professionals to join the faculty for teaching and research:

Part-time Senior Lecturer in Photography & Arts
Part-time Senior Lecturer in Photography, Documentary & Editorial Design

For teaching: part-time, starting with 20% increasing to approximately 50%.
Additional involvement in art or design research can increase the amount of employment.

Candidates are international-oriented practitioners in art photography and photographers focused on documentary and editorial design practices. Both positions include visual photographic production related to public spheres. Successful candidates are able to cultivate the progressive nature of the Camera Arts program that aims to challenge boundaries of contemporary photography. For both positions we are interested in profiled individuals who have a highly developed ability to motivate and inspire students with a strong creative practice, combined with a desire to share technical and conceptual skills. Taking a leading role in developing of a culture that values critical thinking, creative practice, and practice-led teaching is essential.

The Lucerne Applied University of Sciences and Arts offers employees a vibrant academic environment and collegial atmosphere.

The application closing date is July 10, 2012.
The start date is September 1, 2012.

Applications have to be submitted to:
Lucerne Applied University of Sciences and Arts – School of Art & Design
Human Resources, Esther Ruckstuhl Zehnder
Werftestrasse 4, P.O. Box 2969
6002 Lucerne, Switzerland

Extended information and requirements for both positions here.
Inquiries may be emailed to Evert Ypma, Programme director Camera Arts: [email protected]

Thank you!

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