December 21, 2012

Call for applications for young artists: 5/7 Practice/Production/Exhibition

Villa Arson
Villa Arson Nice. Photo courtesy Felice Varini.

The Villa Arson is opening a new two-year research program in art for 2013–2014.
The Villa Arson is offering an original program regrouping the institution’s various bodies (higher school of art, national center for contemporary art, artists’ residencies, and a contemporary art multimedia library) around a common research experience; its aim is to welcome the artists selected in an environment favorable to the development of their artistic practice, as well as to the examination of its modes of exhibition and circulation.

The purpose of the program
This program is aimed at artists already involved in the production of a formal body of work and who wish to deepen their comprehension thanks to the theoretic, technical and practical input provided by a professional environment.

What is at stake in this project is the affirmation of artistic creation as a field of research, and thus as creating meaning and transmissible knowledge. The program strives on one hand to encourage and facilitate the production of works of art by providing the technical and human means offered by the school of art, and on the other hand to reflect upon the act of curating in its most recent manifestations, in particular artists becoming curators themselves. This line of research will be elaborated through a constant dialogue with the art center of the Villa Arson.

Organization of the program
The research program will be organized around several lines of thought and learning, interacting and complementing each other during the two years of study. The course of study itself is conceived as the interrelation between the experimentation conducted at the Villa Arson (by participating in various ways in the activities and life at the Villa Arson) and an opening towards the outside, enriched by the Villa Arson’s many partnerships (with the university, with other exhibition and/ or teaching institutions).

Each artist will illustrate her/his project through the conception of a final exhibition in close collaboration with an artist invited as guest curator and with the staff of the art center. Opportunities for meetings will be many: seminars, workshops, study days or participation in the Villa Arson’s activities.

The research program will include two specific collective events:
– a series of meetings will be held around a guest artist invited to contribute to the work in the studio;
– an art critic will develop a theory workshop with the artists in the research program to examine what is at stake in the act of curating.

Publishing the results of the research
At the heart of our program is also a reflection on the various ways of publishing the results of a specifically artistic research.

Three complementary modes of publication and circulation are envisaged:
– An Internet broadcasting platform aiming at reuniting the results of the research as they evolve, to which all the actors and participants of the project can contribute wherever they are.
– An exhibition implementing the artistic research ;
– An edition conceived as a dialogue between the various approaches to visual creation and its confrontation with an intelligible and sensitive universe of thought.

More information on the program, faculty, curriculum and application guidelines are available on the website.

Contact our Research Coordinator, Amel Nafti: T +33 (0)4 92 07 73 88 / [email protected]




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