February 20, 2013

Antanas Mockus Talk at Hunter College

Hunter College

Antanas Mockus is a Colombian mathematician, philosopher, and politician. After leaving his post as the president of the National University of Colombia in Bogotá in 1993, he presided over Bogotá as mayor for two non-consecutive terms, during which he became known for his surprising and humorous initiatives. Often involving grand gestures and including local artists and appearances by Mockus, these initiatives included commercials, one about conserving water featuring the mayor taking a shower and another showing him walking the streets as “Supercitizen.”

Mockus was the Colombian Green Party candidate for the presidential election in 2010, which he lost in a runoff to Juan Manuel Santos. He currently directs the Corporación Visionarios por Colombia (Corpovisionarios) and studies the relationships among law, morality, and culture.

Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Visiting Artists and Critics program brings key figures from Latin America to Hunter College to address topics in contemporary art and scholarship through talks with students and the New York community. In addition to this forum, Cisneros Visiting Artists and Critics conduct studio visits and seminar discussions with Hunter M.F.A. and M.A. students during their residency.

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