March 8, 2013


École Européenne Supérieure de l'Image (ÉESI)

Launched in October 2010 at the initiative of the École européenne supérieure de l’image, the postgraduate program “Document and Contemporary Art,” in partnership with the École nationale supérieure d’art in Bourges, is open to art or film students, young curators or theorists seeking to pursue their research through a year of experimental inquiry at the crossroads of the document and contemporary art, irrespective of media or technique.

The aim of the postgraduate program is to foster theoretical and practical reflection on the function of the document and the archive in the field of art and more broadly in the social world. The program’s first two years focused on the performative dimension of the document. How are documents used? How can they be activated? Can one speak of a “performative document”?

Within this research framework, a more specific investigation into performative film documents was undertaken from October 2012 to February 2013, with the participation of Kantuta Quirós, Aliocha Imhoff, Morad Montazami, Arne De Boever, Olivia C. Harrison, Silvia Maglioni, Graeme Thomson, François Bovier, Adeena Mey and with the support of Joan Ayrton and Stephen Wright, program supervisors.

One of the avenues of reflection on the performative document concernspaper film. In the era of digital cinema, characterized by the disappearance of the silver film medium, democratized  practices, the dissemination of the medium in the social space, film has sought out new modes of being, new virtual modes of instantiation. Can one direct a film by exhibiting it? By performing it without a screening? Can one produce performative documentation to be activated with a future film in mind? Can paper be the support and medium of a virtual film?

As part of the partnership between the European School of Visual Arts and the École nationale supérieure d’art in Bourges, the Galerie La Box has given carte blanche to the practitioners of ‘Document and Contemporary Art’ postgraduate program from 4 to 30 March 2013.

A series of events is scheduled from 4–14 March:

Monday 4 March. 6pm. Chapel.
“Performative Film.”
Boris Lehman in conversation with Érik Bullot

Tuesday 5 March. 6pm. Galerie La Box.
“Strategies and tactics of feminist media activism.”
Perspectives on the construction of the political by a new generation of feminist media activists (Femen, Pussy Riot, La Barbe). Conversation between Nataliya Tchermalykh and Giovanna Zapperi

Thursday 7 March. 6pm. Galerie La Box.
“Impossible Don Quixote.”
Perspectives on unfinished film, by Gaëlle Cintré

Tuesday 12 March. 6pm. Galerie La Box.
“Born in the USSR.”
A cartography of new art movements in the post-Soviet world, by Nataliya Tchermalykh

Wednesday 13 March. 6pm. Galerie La Box.
“The Automaton Eye.”
The ethnographic and mechanical legacy of the viewpoint, by Laura Huertas Millán 

Thursday 14 March.
6pm. Exhibition opening. Galerie La Box. 

Friday 15 March. 10am. Galerie La Box.
Performative visit of the exhibition by the artists.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs in the Centre region, the Regional Council of the Centre region, the Bourges Plus Urban Community, the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council and the cities of Angoulême and Poitiers.




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