April 27, 2013

Call for applications: VINI VINDI VINCI workshop

École des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux
Souffle, 2010. Courtesy Julia Garret. Photo: Nino Laisne.

The workshop will take place from the 2nd to the 13th of September 2013, just before the grape harvests. This summer workshop in Bordeaux will unite a group of around thirty students, young graduates and young professionals. Together their task is to elaborate, conceive and realize a project relating to the culture of the wine. The project is closely linked to design, architecture and landscape, taking into account the locations and the creative strategies which have been pre-defined with the partner companies.

Organized over two weeks, VINI, VINDI, VINCI will take place in two phases:

The first week will provide the theoretical and defined content, with interventions by teachers and lecturers from the EBABX – School of Higher education of Art of Bordeaux, the ensapBx – Graduate school of architecture and landscape of Bordeaux, and the design school, Scuola del Design del Politecnico di Milano. Taking place the same week, during an in-situ workshop, which is the anchor point for the country residency, are the company visits and the professional testimonials’ and interventions by the wine business professionals.

The second week will concentrate on the design concept and the realization of projects by various groups of students and young professionals. They will be accompanied by professional designers, architects, landscape artists, assistants, technicians and the teachers from the three participating schools.

The aim is to restore the wine culture to a territorial scale using architecture, the object and by creating new situations which supported by skilled local craftsmanship express this regional richness through innovative products/landscapes and their potential for communication.

Approaching the wine culture from two viewpoints, the first being the object and its process, the second, the vineyards landscape and its process. The confrontation of the differing skill sets and situations will allow the emergence of innovative and solid proposals emphasizing this local wealth, which is wine making.

The partner companies participating in the project were selected for their particularly adapted profile, demonstrating their variety of qualitative faculties within the territorial activity of Aquitaine, France and Italy.

The research will pay a very accurate attention to the vini-viticultural process, the treatments, the maintenance and development of the landscape, the type of tools and techniques used, the transformation process, to the various vectors of identification, communication and marketing. A vintage wine exports the qualities of a territory where the assembled characteristics are preserved for future tasting. These methods and faculties of RESTITUTION from a fragment of landscape will be at the center of our concerns during this workshop where innovative ideas are expected.

Context: heritage and tradition
Expectation: creative and contemporary projects
Domain: nature and techniques
Scale of intervention: the object, in architecture to the landscaped dimension
Site: terrain, country, substratum, territory of production and widened territory
Construction: manufacturing (materials) and place (product identity)
Pretext: Area of experimentation
Prospective: Bio-dynamics, biodiversity, biotic (climate, rhythm of the seasons of the vineyard, the working rhythm)
Usage: oenology (taste), ritual
Re-design: The objects and tools of wine making
Graphics: image, identity, domain, castle
Bonus: luxury and exception

The company visits, the in-situ conceptualization, the intervention of business managers, internal designers, technicians, the wine professionals, etc. will provide a maximum of elements of a cultural and historic nature, as well as provide the necessary technical competences for production. The method of work will be one of a collective creative workshop. The creative ideas, sketches and concepts produced in the first weeks’ in-situ workshop (with the participating partners), will be developed as models, drawings and mock-ups; these will be confronted with the technical manufacturing constraints and the production companies elected to monitor the prototypes. Lastly the conception of an exhibition for the final pieces will be addressed. The partner companies are committed to the manufacturing of the prototypes at the end of the workshop. The prototypes realized with the partner companies and the projects of the workshop will be exhibited in Bordeaux in the autumn of 2013. Furthermore, other numerous exhibiting opportunities offer themselves to the project in both Paris and in Milan.

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