May 7, 2013

Visual arts programs at The Banff Centre: call for applications

Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Global Positioning System or Hacking the Coordinates to Enable Shapeshifting and Shadow Networks
January 13, 2014–February 21, 2014
Application deadline: June 14, 2013

Faculty: Postcommodity (Raven Chacon, Cristóbal Martínez, Kade L. Twist, Nathan Young)

Postcommodity will lead a group investigation of the complex relationship between art production and 21st-century positioning systems of artists as they navigate through their careers. What is positioning you? Is it the sum of the historical narratives that you were born into and continue to occupy? Could it be the various machines and systems simultaneously tugging on you for attention and removing the resources beneath your feet?

Please note: Enrolment to this program is limited to individuals of Indigenous descent (status, non-status, Métis or Inuit).

January 13, 2014–February 21, 2014
Application deadline: June 14, 2013

Faculty: Andreas Siqueland
Guests: Zachary Cahill, Sarah Ganz Blythe

Winterjourney is a thematic residency that will physically and artistically explore what this place and landscape, as view and collective memory, is for us today. Excursions into the land will challenge our studio practices. In confrontation with the elements we will make observations, and collect and assemble material that can serve as a basis for new work. Winterjourney is both a personal and collective endeavour. Presentations, readings, and discussions will form an integral part of the program. The residency is open to all forms of artistic practice within the visual arts. Remember to bring warm clothes and necessary equipment for adventure.

Banff Artist in Residence (BAIR) Programs

Ongoing opportunities
Banff Artist in Residence programs offer independent periods of study where artists, curators, and other arts professionals are free to experiment and explore. Participants are provided with an individual studio accessible 24 hours a day, as well as use of Visual Arts facilities including printmaking, papermaking, ceramics, sculpture, and photography. BAIR offers short- and long-term opportunities to work at a remove from the constraints of everyday life.

For more information and to apply:
Office of the Registrar
[email protected]
T 403 762 6180 / 800 565 9989

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