May 31, 2013

Masters in Fine Art Practice

Glasgow School of Art

This Programme seeks to attract outstanding and highly motivated applicants for the 2013–2014 academic year.

MLitt in Fine Art Practice – Sculpture
A one-year intensive Sculpture Masters course, located in one of Glasgow’s newest and fastest growing creative spaces, the former Whiskey Bond, TWB. Through partnership with Glasgow Sculpture Studios, this Sculpture Masters course provides unrivaled studios and workshop facilities in the centre of the city, with access to high-end workshops and exhibition spaces, offering ambitious working opportunities in terms of scale, space and install. As well as creative opportunities, the course provides further professionalising experiences through its industry-standard certification for use of workshops and equipment; opportunities for studio teaching are also offered as part of our Studio Teaching elective.

For information regarding any aspect of the course, please contact:
Paul Cosgrove
Head – Dept of Sculpture & Environmental Art
T 0141 353 4573
[email protected]

Susan Brind
Co-ordinator – M Litt Sculpture Pathway
T 0141 353 4748
[email protected]

M.Litt in Fine Art Practice – Printmaking
A one-year full-time taught Masters course specialising in all aspects of printmaking. The emphasis throughout the course will be the development of ideas related to the techniques and applications available through print media, grounded in a firm knowledge of the history and traditions of printmaking.

A range of media is on offer within the department, (and other relevant areas of the School) from traditional woodcut, lithography, etching and screenprinting to more advanced methods such as photopolymer, collotype, 3D printing and related digital technologies. Avenues explored could encompass any individual aspect of print, or a multi-disciplinary practice derived from drawing, fine print and editioning, commercial printing, artist book production, printed matter as installation, sculpture, mail art or agitprop, both collaborative and individual.

For information regarding any aspect of the course, please contact:
Mick McGraw
T 44 (0)141 353 4637
[email protected]

M.Litt in Fine Art Practice – Fine Art Photography
This is a one-year full-time taught Masters course specialising in the use of the camera and other lens-based medias to investigate the problems and issues of making art with photography and other related technologies and practices.

The course develops and differentiates a full range of critical and purposeful photographic practices that are initiated as a discrete fine art practice. The students will engage with a wide range of physical and conceptual materials that associate themselves with photography. The students will pursue the use of these materials and ideas, which will range from historical and alternative processes, through to analogue colour and black-and-white photographic materials and a full range of digital applications—from capture to print—but also including digital sound and the moving image.

For information regarding any aspect of the course please contact:

Michail Mersinis
T 44 (0)141 353 4577
[email protected]

M.Litt in Fine Art Practice – Painting
A one-year full-time, taught Masters course in Painting, the course will encompass both the realisation of ideas through historical painting methodologies and processes and the engagement with the newer territories of the expanded field in painting. Equal importance is placed on the development of practical and conceptual skills, facilitated by pratice-based workshops, surgeries and seminars.

As well as a dedicated teaching staff there will be a range of visiting practitioners representing a variety of disciplines and fields. Professional practice is an important element of the course and through the organisation of exhibitions and other more radical forms of dissemination students gain experience of the art world.

For information regarding any aspect of the course, please contact:
Craig Mulholland
[email protected]

Stuart Mackenzie
[email protected]

T 44 (0)141 353 4568

How to Apply
Applications are made through the Registry: [email protected].

The closing date for applications is the 30th of June 2013.

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