June 27, 2013

V2.1K: Classroom as magazine as traveling exhibition

University of Chicago Arts
V2.1K editorial board. © Danny Volk, 2013.

The Department of Visual Arts at The University of Chicago, in collaboration with exhibiting institutions in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France and China, is pleased to present V2.1K—an exhibition in the form of a unique publication, traveling around the world. In the winter of 2013, University of Chicago undergraduate art students participated in a seminar on art practice and theory, a class that seeks to interpret a number of theoretical concepts and texts on contemporary art and put them into practice. Each year, the activities from this ten-week seminar comprise the content of a magazine of the student’s own design.

Instead of an editioned run, students opted to create a single object that would travel and visit venues around the world for a year. As members of the editorial board noted recently in an interview with the University of Chicago’s news service:

“We wanted to sort of buck what our generation has wrought,”  by creating a stubbornly singular object that could be lost neither “in the ether of blogs,” nor “in the foyer of the arts building.” Another member added: “The book itself, being a physical object and not being on Tumblr, is also countercultural, because everything today is produced with a need for accessibility [in mind]. What we’ve created is something that has to be walked to, has to be seen in person, in a specific space.”

The V2.1K editorial board includes Lexie Baker,

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