August 12, 2013

The Pond, the Mirror, the Kaleidoscope

School of Visual Arts (SVA)
Martin Wittfooth, The Sacrifice, 2011. Oil on canvas. Courtesy the artist.
The Pond, the Mirror, the KaleidoscopeThe exhibition is curated by Thomas Woodruff, artist and chair of the BFA Illustration and BFA Cartooning departments, and features work by BFA Illustration alumni as well as graduates of the College’s MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Department, which is chaired by Marshall Arisman. “Like the Symbolists, today’s neo-Symbolists are arguably eccentric and obsessive; they use low-tech methods to tell new stories to new audiences,” says Woodruff. “They make art that is intellectually surprising, brimming with visions of the world as it is—or how it could be. This exhibition is a testament to those who have chosen to forge new pathways while continuing to speak in a visual language that is clear and articulate.”The Pond, the Mirror, the KaleidoscopeThe Pond, the Mirror, the Kaleidoscope

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