November 20, 2013

72 Assignments: The Foundation Course in Art and Design Today

Paris College of Art (PCA)
Image courtesy of Paris College of Art.

Almost a hundred years have passed since Johannes Itten developed the Bauhaus’s pioneering preliminary course—the model and inspiration for what later came to be called the Foundation Course in Art and Design. This book comes from a desire to understand the Foundation courses as they exist today.

72 short assignments from around the world offer a reflection of current concerns, experiments, and ideas from artists, designers, educators and historians—the methods, skills, approaches, and key insights that working artists and teachers consider crucial to teaching in the twenty-first century.

This book brings together exercises related to a two-part conference called “A History Uncovered; A Future Imagined: The Foundation Course in Art and Design,” a collaboration between ‘Art School Educated,’ Tate Research and Paris College of Art held in London and Paris in June 2013.

Intended as a practical source book for teachers, students, and anyone curious to try.

Deborah Adams Doering, Edwin Aitken, Yong Andersson, Michael Arrigo, Anne Attali, Andrea Bandoni, Holly Barton, Catherine Behrent, Chloe Briggs, Kate Briggs, Brogan Bunt, Dr. Stuart Candy, Mark Cannon, Maurice Carlin, Casa da Imagem, Ruth Catlow, Kelly Chorpening, Gary Colclough, Nathan Cox, Véronique Devoldère, Shari Diamond, Jeremy Diggle, Mateus Domingos, Adrian R. Duran, Adrienne Erickson, Stephen Felmingham, Erik Forrest, Chris Garvin, Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, Jason Glasser, Johannes M. Hedinger, Taylor Hokanson, Kirsten D’Andrea Hollander, Linda Hudson, Dr Lucas Ihlein, Ann Jones, Sean Kaye, Osman Khan, Harald Kubiczak, Darryl Lauster, Enrique Martinez Leal, Sohrab Mohebbi, Natalie Moore, Simon Morris, Orlando Mostyn Owen, James Lewis, Jude Lewis, Annika Marie, Michael Marks, Katherine McKee, Torsten Meyer, Bruce Mclean, Aimee McLachlan, Jennifer Mills, Maia Murphy, Roy Naylor, Dr. Adam Newcombe, Thomas Oliphant, Saul Ostrow, Hyuna Park, Niberca Polo, Cheryl Pope, Jasmine Powell, Danielle Rago, Joshua Reiman, Lucrezia Russo, Olivia Sautreuil, Cécile Saint-Paul, Andrew Schachman, Lidija Slavkovic, Michael Szpakowski, Charles K. Steiner, Kate Teale, Suzi Tibbetts, Fatimah Tuggar, Mark Webster; Jenny West, Fo Wilson, Inger Cathrine Winsnes, Christopher A. Yates.

Book launch:

London: Thursday 21 November, 6–8pm. Chelsea School of Art & Design. RSVP essential. [email protected]

Paris: Friday 29 November, 6–8pm. Paris College of Art. 15 rue Fenelon, Paris, 75010

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