December 19, 2013

Call for applications for graduate admissions

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Heather McCalla, 1991 Audi 100, 2013. Photo by James Escalante.

Guided by modes of inquiry and diverse processes of making, The Art Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison provides an extraordinary platform for the study and practice of contemporary art. We are now seeking applicants for graduate admissions, with the deadline of January 6, 2014 for full consideration.

In achievement and prestige, the University of Wisconsin–Madison has long been recognized as one of America’s great universities. Our innovative students embrace cross-disciplinary activity and mine the vast academic resources of a world-class research institution to both inform and deepen their work as artists. At the core, we emphasis advanced visual research through extensive one-on-one interaction with faculty, guest critics and visiting artists.

The strength of the program hinges on a renowned group of faculty that teaches within specific disciples while working with graduate students from across the Department. These practicing artists provide close mentorship and guidance to graduate students as they take part in a three-year, interdisciplinary program with a focus on diverse approaches to artistic practice, theory and criticism.

We maintain one of the oldest visiting artist programs in the United States and bring over thirty speakers to campus each year as a way of exposing students to the most dynamic artists working in the field. Highlights from our current season include Robert Storr, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Diana Al Hadid and Amy Franceschini, among others.

Ongoing partnerships with Tandem Press, The Chazen Museum of Art, The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, the Bolz Center for Arts Administration and the Arts Institute all provide extensive resources and opportunities to engage with ground breaking creative research taking place across the University.

Funding for graduate students is available through multiple fellowships, research assistantships and teaching opportunities both within and outside of the Art Department. Our program is highly ranked by the US News and World Report with many of our programs and our overall Departmental ranking falling well within the top 20 nationally.

Our current roster of full time faculty includes:

TL Solien, Nancy Mladenoff, Derrick Buisch, Leslie Smith, Fred Stonehouse, Michael Jay McClure, Lisa Gralnick, Jack Damer, Michael Connors, John Hitchcock, Jim Escalante, Dennis Miller, Tom Jones, Matthew Bakkom, Gail Simpson, Sarah FitzSimons, Aris Georgiades, Meg Mitchell, Laurie Beth Clark, Stephen Hilyard, Douglas Rosenberg, Paul Sacaridiz, Gerit Grimm, Tom Loeser, Jeffrey Clancy, Helen Lee, Lisa Gralnick, Elaine Scheer and Lynda Barry.


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