December 20, 2013

Call for applications: Master of Visual Art (Material Based Art) and Master of Art and Public Space

Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Image courtesy of Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Oslo National Academy of the Arts is Norway’s largest college of higher education in the field of visual and performing art, with over 550 students, 200 employees and more than 900 guest teachers and teachers on short-term contracts, all of whom are leading practitioners in their own discipline. Our aim is to educate artists and designers with the ability to both reflect on, and experiment in their chosen field and make lasting contributions to the diversity of our society.

In autumn 2010, all KHiO’s faculties were located together in new, renovated, customized and purposed designed buildings on the Seilduken campus in Oslo. The Oslo National Academy of the Arts currently offers 24 study programmes, and consists of six departments: Visual Art (Kunstfag), Design, The Academy of Fine Art, The Academy of Dance, The Academy of Opera, and The Academy of Theatre.

Oslo National Academy of the Arts is a public state funded institution with no tuition fee for students.  For further information about the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, please visit the website

The Visual Art Department
The Visual Art department (Kunstfag) derives from the early British Arts and Crafts movement and the German Bauhaus workshop traditions with the ambition of integrating art into a social, public and private reality. The department seeks to elaborate on the relationship between art and life, on matters of materiality (production, sustainability, the global), on design and architecture, and on artistic practice in social and political contexts in a contemporary perspective.

The department has a large variety of workshops at its disposal geared to the needs of ceramic art, textile art, graphic art and metal work and jewellery art respectively. These, combined with KHiO’s other workshops in the fields of drawing, digital 3-D and design, provide students with unique opportunities to specialise in particular areas of study or carry out experimental, artistic work across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

In 2014, 27 students will be admitted to the department’s MA programmes: 21 to the Master of Visual Art (Material Based Art) programme, and six to the Master of Art and Public Space programme.

Master of Visual Art  (Material Based Art)
Master of Visual Art (Material Based Art) is a two-year, full-time course (120 credits) in visual, material based art. The programme offers a craft- and material based art education, in which the materials’ social, cultural, global and political significance is as important as their essential or innate qualities. The student’s own artistic work and theoretical studies form the core of the course. The MA programme is an interdisciplinary course where students may specialize in one or several of the following key areas: Metal- and jewellery art, ceramic art, printmaking and textile art.

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Master of Art and Public Space
The Master of Art and Public Space is a new, two-year, in-depth programme (120 credits), which begins at the Visual Art department at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in the autumn of 2014. The programme focuses on how art and artistic practices operate in, use and relate to different public spaces beyond the traditional art institutions. The study programme is not medium-specific, involves traditional artistic modes of expression, as well as new ones—or practices outside the traditional field of the visual arts. The core of the programme consists of developing and creating public art projects, as well as analysing and exploring art in the context of different public spaces, and social structures. The study programme will provide practical and theoretical insights into public art as a diverse and complex area, and is intended to contribute to new approaches and artistic research and development within the area of art and public space.

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