January 3, 2014

Call for MFA Applications

Otis College of Art and Design
Photo by Kristina Campbell.

Think. Create. Collaborate.
This is your time. Take it.

Otis College of Art and Design welcomes applications to the graduate programs in fine arts and pubic practice. Join the L.A. network of visiting artists and activists, museums, galleries, and other vibrant institutions. In the creative capital of the 21st century, you will grow and advance in a city at the vanguard of contemporary art and culture. L.A.—where the modern world was imagined and continues to be reinvented.

New studios in the burgeoning arts district of Culver City provide individual and shared work spaces and exhibition galleries.

MFA Public Practice Faculty: Suzanne Lacy,Chair; S.A. Bachman, Andrea Bowers, Sara Daleiden, Dana Duff, Bill Kelley, Jr., Peter Kirby, Sandra De la Loza, Karen Moss, Consuelo Velasco Montoya, Renee Petropoulos

Visiting Faculty: Kim Abeles, Dan Cameron, Cognate Collective, Malik Gaines, Rita Gonzalez, Gronk, Edgar Heap of Birds, Grant Kester, Lucy Lippard, Mary Miss, Dana Yahalomi

MFA Fine Arts Faculty: Roy Dowell, Chair; Annetta Kapon, Assistant Chair; Judie Bamber, Kathrin Burmester, Carole Caroompas, Cletus Daglisch-Schommer, Soo Kim, John Knight, Kori Newkirk, Renee Petropoulos, Benjamin Weissman

Visiting faculty: Rhea Anastas, Derek Boshier, Francois Curlet, Simone Forti, Charles Gaines, Karl Handel, Anna Sew Hoy, Mitchell Syrop, Kerry Tribe, Wu Tsang, Dani Tull

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