January 28, 2014

Call for applications: MA – Social Practice and the Creative Environment

Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD)
Teresa Normile, MASPACE postgraduate work – Limerick School of Art & Design, Ireland. © Teresa Normile 2013.

Over the past number of years, MA SPACE has established an international reputation for delivering a high-level Masters programme which focuses on Social Practice and the Creative Environment [SPACE]. This pioneering programme, the first of its kind in Ireland, is tailored towards the development of a sustainable artistic praxis rather than training in certain media or genres. A grounding in theory, critical thinking and interdisciplinary research supports a multitude of possibilities in socially engaged art practice.

MA SPACE is a taught Masters programme, it is delivered over one-year full-time and also offers flexible part-time options. MA SPACE is leading new thinking and approaches to Art and Design education, the programme is designed to fulfill student demand from art, design and related fields and is interdisciplinary in nature.

The programme is distinctive in that;

– It is focused on social practice.
– It is delivered through theory and practice.
– It is open to practitioners of art and design.
– It is also open to experienced graduates outside of the art and design fields.

MA SPACE – Expectations and opportunities
Initially on MA SPACE, modules lead you through the critical and theoretical frameworks current in the field of social practice.

The first stage of the programme is designed to fuel practice through enquiry. Students will meet key artists, designers, policy makers, cultural producers, agencies and public brokers.

In the second stage of the programme each postgraduate becomes a practitioner working in a chosen area of interest; each will undertake a project, which becomes the focus for documentation, reflection and evaluation.

The programme intention is to assist each postgraduate to find a professional practice, a career, which is sustainable beyond their time on MA SPACE.  Since the programme’s inception, our alumni have made outstanding contributions as socially engaged artists, designers, scholars, entrepreneurs and community leaders.

The programme is delivered by both Limerick School of Art & Design faculty, who are recognized contemporary practitioners in socially engaged art, and is supported by a varied range of national and international visiting lecturers.

Visiting lecturers have included:

Claudia Eipeldauer (artist collective) WochenKlausur, Austria
Anab Jain (design group Superflux), UK and India
Pablo Helguera (artist/ MoMA Educator), USA
Bik Van der Pol (artists), The Netherlands
Basurama (design/architecture), Spain
KAOS Pilots (design school) Denmark
Sarah Browne & Gareth Kennedy (collaborative artists), Ireland
Ultra Red (international social activist collective), UK

Our current external moderator is artist/educator Sean Miller from the University of Florida at Gainesville, Florida, USA.

MA SPACE modules:

Modules 1
Commentaries – Critical grounding, taking a position.
This module introduces you to the critical thinking underpinning contemporary art and design practice and its relationship to social and cultural issues.

Modules 2
Transactions, roles and research. This module examines the different topics, roles, ethical and logistical responsibilities involved in social practice.

Modules 3
Practice – analyse, contextualise, assimilate. During the course of this module postgraduates meet and work with internationally recognized visiting lecturers. The Programme invites ten artists and designers to contribute to this module, each of whom have a focus on social practice.

Modules 4
Social Practice: major project. Postgraduates develop a self-defined project. This is an exciting opportunity to engage with people/a situation/a topic and deliver an art/design project.

Modules 5
Documentation: critical reflection and evaluation of major project. Module four and five run concurrently. Postgraduates engage in modes of documentation, evaluation and critical reflection focusing on their own projects and those of their peers.

One-year post (Honours) Degree (Level 8) full-time mode
Two years/flexible post (Honours) Degree (Level 8) part-time mode

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