April 4, 2014

Caribic MATTER Residency

Caribic Residency
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Caribic MATTER Residency was conceived with Bonnie Camplin whilst wandering with less aim in Porto. For the first time, the two-day Caribic Residency will feature a co-host. Together with Camplin and invited residents we will gain access to the structure of matter at the fundamental level by the act of deep observation. Reclaiming knowledge outside the logic/reason tradition, we will witness and encounter matter in both, its material and hidden properties.


Resident 46: Post Brothers
Resident 42: Valentinas Klimašauskas

Post Brothers is a critical enterprise that includes Matthew Post. Enterprising, in an anti-enterpreneurial way, Post writes but his activities cannot be framed by only one discipline—artist, curator, critic, collaborator, collector, crackpot academic—to question, exaggerate and deconstruct forms of knowledge construction and circulation.
Valentinas Klimašauskas is a curator and writer interested in speculative economies of language and uneven distribution of future.

Bonnie Camplin describes her practice broadly as the Invented Life, which has included eight years as a para-theatrical producer, director, dancer and performer of experimental club nights in Soho, London as well as work across the disciplines of drawing, film and video, performance, music and writing.

Caribic are two people, exponentially in love.

Caribic Residency is a force that enables new ways of engaging with artists and non-artists after the institution. Our format is friendship. During two days, a concise residency period of heightened intensity, we share lived experience and encounter, radically trusting in our collectively generated knowledge. With the intent to create choices and counteract mainframe alienation, Caribic Residency is a continuous journey of potentiality and relationships. Formats include location-based residencies (featuring presentations), Caribic Walking Residency (walking with a resident, usually from one city to another), Caribic Less Aim Wandering Residency (we don’t have a definitive target, we wander in thought, conversation and on foot) and Caribic MATTER Residency (we access the structure of matter at the fundamental level by the act of deep observation).

Supported by OUTSET.

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