April 23, 2014

In Medias Res (In the Midst of Things)

University of Oregon
Jonathan Bagby, Untitled 47, 2013. Archival pigment print, 40 x 26.5 inches. From “Varying Degrees of Truth.”

The University of Oregon’s Department of Art is pleased to announce its 2014 MFA thesis exhibition at the Disjecta Contemporary Art Center in Portland, Oregon.

The exhibition, In Medias Res, presents the work of five artists. The title of the exhibition is from Latin and is translated as “in the midst of things.” In storytelling, it refers to the technique of starting a narrative in the middle, rather than from the beginning. The exhibition encompasses a broad range of practices and ideas, and for the artists, represents both the culmination of three years of study and the launch of their professional careers. 

Jonathan Bagby
Samantha Cohen
Alexander Keyes
Bryan Putnam
John Whitten

The University of Oregon’s Master of Fine Arts in Art is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for serious and engaged art practice. Challenged to devise methods of experimentation and a significant understanding of historical and contemporary context, students develop an informed, independent practice, specific to their intentions and sensibilities. Working within and across the areas of sculpture, photography, digital arts, ceramics, drawing, fibers, metalsmithing and jewelry, painting, drawing, and printmaking, the curriculum combines the best of both disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary thinking.


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