May 13, 2014

Offspring 2014

De Ateliers

Image courtesy of De Ateliers.

Offspring 2014 presents works of emerging artists who are concluding their two-year residency at the international artists’ institute De Ateliers in Amsterdam. The exhibition is curated by David Jablonowski, tutor artist at De Ateliers.

Participating artists
Cian-Yu Bai (Taiwan), Jacob Dwyer (United Kingdom), Paul Geelen (The Netherlands), Sarah-Jane Hoffmann (Germany), Ruben Kragt (The Netherlands), Mila Lanfermeijer (The Netherlands), Charlotte Louen (Germany), Ana Navas (Venezuela), Mike Pratt (United Kingdom), and Taocheng Wang (China) 

A catalogue will be published with the exhibition, designed by Mislav Žugaj, with texts by Maaike Lauwaert.


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