May 28, 2014

Stratatorium: MFA Studio Art Thesis Show

Montclair State University, College of the Arts
Stephen Douglass, Siege Engine # 8 Commutable Parts, 2014. Tar, chocolate, embossed foil, cardboard foundation former, dolly, two-channel video; dimensions variable. Photo: Stephen Douglass.

Montclair State University is pleased to announce Stratatorium, the 2014 MFA in Studio Art thesis exhibition, curated by Eleanor Heartney.

The exhibition features work in video, painting, installation, photography and performance by Jeremy G. Bell, Angela Coe Kelliher (in memoriam), Stephen Douglass, Amanda J. Hart, Brian Haverlock, Dana Michele Hemes, Natasha Jozi, Alex Schoenberg, Christine Soccio and FeiFei Yang.

The thesis exhibition is the outcome of two years of intensive research, reflection and making in a dynamic and creative environment. In keeping with an expanded view of art, this year’s graduating class demonstrates a lively engagement with realities outside the studio. Installation and performance are often the preferred modes for expressing ideas, which touch on everything from ecology, theology, oriental philosophy and familial and social relations, to semiotics, architecture and science.

“Contemporary art has moved far from the internalized engine of change that characterized Modernism’s model of art,” says Eleanor Heartney, 2013–14 MFA Critic-in-Residence. “Today, artists draw from every aspect of human knowledge and experience, adopting these as raw materials from which to create new ways of looking at the world.”

About the MFA in Studio Art program
The Montclair State University MFA in Studio Art is a rigorous two-year interdisciplinary program designed to offer artists a critical, conceptual and visual framework to experiment and develop their practice. Offering a wide array of comprehensive and individualized training in art theory, history, criticism and practice, the program provides students with vital skills to pursue their artistic vision and work across a diversity of mediums. Throughout the program, students are immersed in a dynamic environment of creative dialogue with leading faculty and one-on-one mentoring with visiting artists and critics.
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About Montclair State University
Montclair State University is the New Jersey university that provides the ideal combination of a suburban campus environment with the advantages of New York City—giving talented and ambitious students unparalleled access to excellent academic programs. The MFA in Studio Art resides in the University’s College of the Arts which, in addition, includes more than 50 undergraduate and graduate programs in art and design, communication and media, theatre and dance and music.

The MFA in Studio Art program is still accepting applications from interested students for the fall 2014–15 academic semester. For further information about the program or to ask a question, please complete the MFA in Studio Art Information Request.

Andrew Atkinson, PhD
Director MFA Studio Art Program
Montclair State University
Department of Art and Design
1 Normal Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07043
T +1 973 655 4074

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