June 3, 2014

Art Market Studies

University of Zurich
Photo: Daniela Tisevski. Courtesy of Kenny Schachter.

About the University of Zurich Art Market Studies program

Theses topics are conveyed in lectures, art appraisal workshops, business planning case studies and study trips to art fairs, galleries and biennales in Basel, Berlin, London, Maastricht, Sao Paulo.

Participants will:
develop their knowledge of the history, materials and production processes of fine and applied arts from the Renaissance to contemporary art;
evaluate artworks and use the latest art market analytical tools;
use case studies to improve their legal knowledge and foster ethical thinking;
learn to synthesize and analyze processes that are critical to small and mid-­sized businesses, and to develop innovative solutions for the commercial art business;
develop their leadership and management skills.

The program is primarily designed for university graduates who are currently active in the art market or who intend to be. Professional experience will be considered. Academic credit in compliance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) will be awarded for passing examinations, written work and Master/diploma thesis.

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