September 14, 2014

Doctoral Studies: call for applications

University of the Arts Helsinki

Tero Nauha, Man-a-machine: schizoproduction, 2014. Performance.
Photo: Antti Ahonen.

The University of the Arts Helsinki consists of three academies and provides an inspiring ground for learning, research, and artistic activity.


Academy of Fine Arts
Academy of Fine Arts will admit a maximum of six new students to the Doctoral Studies Programme for studies starting in autumn 2015.

The aim of the doctoral programme is to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of their specialised area of expertise and the ability to perform at a level that displays artistic maturity and the ability to pursue independent research in the fine arts that produces new knowledge in their chosen field of expertise. The Doctoral Thesis in Fine Art comprises either a combination of both practical and theoretical components or a theoretical component only. Doctoral students are expected to seek funding for their research from relevant bodies.

More info and application instructions here and here.
Study coordinator: [email protected]
Research coordinator: [email protected]


Theatre Academy
The Theatre Academy Helsinki (TeaK) at the University of Arts Helsinki will admit two–six new Doctoral students for studies starting in autumn 2015.

The Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke) is responsible for Doctoral education and research at TeaK. The Performing Arts are defined as those fields represented at TeaK. Doctoral studies and research conducted at TeaK are defined as artistic research. Artistic research comprises multidisciplinary artist-led and practice-based research or art pedagogical research with practical as well as theoretical components.

In their Doctoral studies students realise artistic research projects on subjects defined by themselves and thus develop into trained researchers. As experts in their field of interest, artist-researchers produce knowledge, skill and understanding based on artistic practice that can be utilised and applied in both the arts and society at large.

Doctoral students must independently seek support for their doctoral research from relevant funding bodies. Tutke has currently four rotating salaried positions for doctoral trainees. Once these positions become vacant the selected doctoral students have the opportunity to seek salaried doctoral funding.

Application instructions here.
For more info:
[email protected]


Sibelius Academy
Application period: January 1–February 13, 2015
More info and application instructions here.


Doctoral Studies at the University of the Arts Helsinki: call for applications

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