September 18, 2014

Now accepting MFA applicants

Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP)
Image courtesy of Cornell University Library Visual Resources.

The MFA program at Cornell University supports creative and intellectual approaches to artistic production with a critically expansive pedagogy informed by conceptual, technical, Western and non-western practice. The two-year program provides generous accommodations and rich resources, encourages independent thinking, and fosters an ambitious range of interdisciplinary studio practice. The Department of Art hosts a lecture series featuring a range of prominent artists as well as a carefully selected Teiger Mentor in the Arts each semester and provides full support for an annual exhibition in New York City. MFA students receive a generous funding package, graduate assistantships, a private studio, and full access to all facilities including printmaking studios and our updated Material Practices facility. Beyond the department, all students have ample opportunity to take courses from the abundant offerings in humanities and sciences at Cornell, developing a broadened understanding of research-based artistic practice.

A Cornell Master of Fine Arts degree provides an outstanding opportunity for artists to embrace a stimulating art practice, committed to the complex and often demanding pleasures of research, labor, and experimentation.

For more information about the MFA program, the Department of Art, and the College of Architecture, Art and Planning, we encourage you to visit our website.

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