September 19, 2014

Call for Artists-in-Residence at ETAC

Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre, Girona
ETAC. Working meeting, 2013. Photo: Bòlit, Centre d’Art Contemporani, Girona.

ETAC is a project funded by the Pyrenees–Mediterranean Euroregion within the framework of the CULTURE 2013 call for projects. It aims to forge ongoing cooperative ties between contemporary art centers and set up a platform for boosting audiences for contemporary art, as well as establishing a programme of residencies designed to allow artists from this Euro-region and further afield to get to know and carry out work at two of these cross-border spaces.

It comprises the following five art centers in the Euro-region:

Girona City Council: Bòlit, Contemporary Art Centre. Girona

Empordà Municipal Consortium: Museu de l’Empordà. Figueres

Le LAIT Art Centre, Tarn International Art Laboratory. Albi

Montpellier City Council: La Panacée Contemporary Art Centre

Balearic Islands: 
Addaya Contemporary Art Centre. Alaró, Mallorca


Grants are being offered for five Artists-in-Residence to carry out research work with particular emphasis on working and creative processes. Each three-month residency will comprise one and a half months at two participating centres, so there will be two artists at each centre at any one time.

Interested artists should send their CV, the proposed project, details of related activities designed to attract different kinds of visitors and a methodology for documenting the creative process. Artists should also list three centers and residency spaces in order of preference.

Visual artists of legal age from anywhere in the world.

Each artist will be awarded a 2,800 Euro grant to cover allowances, research and production. In addition, a grant of up to 700 Euro (including taxes) will be given to each artist to cover traveling expenses.

Each artist will spend twelve weeks at one participating space and a further six weeks at a different participating space, between 25 October 2014 and 31 March 2015.

See our website for information and to find out more about terms and conditions.


Funded by the Pyrenees–Mediterranean Euroregion within the framework of the CULTURE 2013 call for projects.

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Call for Artists-in-Residence: ETAC Crossborder Contemporary Art Space

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