November 24, 2014

The Fire And The Lamb

El Fuego y El Borrego (The Fire And The Lamb), 2014. Design: Fernando Pizarro.

Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba, Andrés Felipe Castaño, Kimberlee Cordova, Anamaya Farthing-Kohl, Manuela Garcia, Joshua Job, Adriana Martinez, Fernando Pizarro, José María Rubio, Ling Sepúlveda, Iacopo Seri, María José Sesma, Pamela Zeferino.

The Fire And The Lamb
This phrase referencing the Bible, gastronomy, and popular songs serves to name a single group exhibition that shoots in various paths at times divergent. The multidisciplinary force of the thirteen young artists may confuse some viewers, but the intention is to allow the works to generate echoes, resonances, dissonances or flashes from the impact of those differences. How many thematic exhibitions have we seen? And in how many does the objective of the curator obscure the individual intentions, relegating them to privileging the whole which also remains diffuse. We wanted to avoid at all costs a central idea, a symbolic axis along which to rotate a colorful carousel, when what we are really to create is a stampede….or fire.

During their two years in the academic program of SOMA, the exhibitors have been subjected to a veritable bombardment of ideas, opinions, suggestions by a diverse faculty including artists, curators, musicians, writers—each artist having taken advantage of this traumatic experience in their own way. And from their personal context and history each will decide what type of barbacoa is cooking. Who will be the victim? Who the butcher? Who are the guests? The banquet is served.


Eduardo Abaroa
SOMA Academic Program Director
Calle 13 #25
San Pedro de los Pinos
México D.F.


The Fire And The Lamb: the thesis exhibition for SOMA's academic program

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