November 28, 2014

Application period announced:Spatial Strategies MA

weißensee academy of art berlin

Gordon Matta and Clark Titel, Window Blow Out,
1976. Photograph.

The internationally oriented post-graduate program Spatial Strategies, supervised by protagonists of political art, professors Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann, is unique to contemporary instruction within the art school. Approximately 30 graduate students engage with virtual, global, and urban space within the faculty. Creischer and Siekmann are interested in what they perceive as a general “redefinition of the public,” and they are convinced that public space is increasingly blocked off from democratic participation and general access. In this respect, the program Spatial Strategies combines artistic work with the political claim of citizens to public space. Students are encouraged to question and investigate which socio-political developments influence the redefinition of public, virtual, and urban space, to reflect on this critically, and to develop artistic responses.

Applications for the summer semester of 2015 are accepted between December 1 and 31. The two-year program, for which fees are payable, is intended for graduates of universities and academies, artists, designers, architects, media and culture scholars, and sociologists who wish to acquire an additional artistic qualification and Master of Arts.

Further information is available here.


Application period for Weissensee Academy of Art, Berlin, Spatial Strategies MA announced

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