January 20, 2015

Inquiry: a faculty exhibition/assembly/ collection/assortment

The University of Texas at Austin
Kristin Lucas,Refresh, 2011. Artist book. Published by Soberscove Press. Photo: Sandy Carson. Image courtesy of the Visual Arts Center.

The Department of Art and Art History at The University of Texas at Austin houses four divisions of study including Art Education, Art History, Design, and Studio Art. A common factor shared by all faculty members is their investment in the act of research. Inquiry shares not only each faculty member’s mode of creative expression via object making, writing, teaching, designing, or theorizing, but also serves as a footnote/reference/inspiration of what the scholar has harvested to create their work. Inquiry provides alternative modes of expression, and viewers/listeners/readers are provided with insight and new avenues for accessing the work of the department’s renowned and diverse faculty.

Participants: Sterling Allen, Christina Bain, Jill Bedgood, Paul Bolin, Troy Brauntuch, Jason Buchanan, Sarah Canright, Kate Catterall, Eddie Chambers, Lee Chesney, Elizabeth Chiles, John R. Clarke, Anna Collette, Neal Daugherty, Penelope Davies, Shannon Faseler, Sandra Fernandez, Colin Frazer, Carma Gorman, Julia Guernsey, Amy Hauft, Linda Henderson, Tim High, Megan Hildebrandt, Teresa Hubbard, Joohee Huh, Bethany Johnson, Gloria Lee, Beili Liu, Kristin Lucas, Eric McMaster, Melinda Mayer, Michael Mogavero, Stephennie Mulder, Leslie Mutchler, Moyo Okediji, Nassos Papalexandrou, Jiwon Park, Bea Parsons, Glenn Peers, Heidi Powell, Susan Rather, Ann Reynolds, Jack Risley, Astrid Runggaldier, Margo Sawyer, James Sham, Richard Shiff, Michael Smith, Jeffrey Smith, John Stoney, David Stuart, Dan Sutherland, Jason Urban, Lana Waldrep-Appl, Louis Waldman, Jeff Williams, John Yancey

Related activities
Lunchtime talks, 12:15pm
Wednesday, February 4
Tuesday, February 10

Reading with Art History faculty Stephennie Mulder and Richard Shiff
Wednesday, February 18, 6:30pm


Inquiry, a faculty exhibition at The University of Texas at Austin

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