January 20, 2015

Harvard Design Magazine #39 “Wet Matter”

Harvard University Graduate School of Design
“Wet Matter.” Cover artwork by Thiago Rocha Pitta,
design by W/ Projects, Inc.

Harvard Design Magazine is pleased to announce the publication of its 39th issue, “Wet Matter.”

The ocean remains a glaring blind spot in the Western imagination. Catastrophic events remind us of its influence—a lost airplane, a shark attack, an oil spill, an underwater earthquake—but we tend to marginalize or misunderstand the scales of the oceanic. It represents the “other 71 percent” of our planet. As sewer, conveyor, battlefield, or mine, the ocean is a vast logistical landscape. Whether we speak of fishing zones or fish migration, coastal resilience or tropical storms, the ocean is both a frame for regulatory controls and a field of uncontrollable, indivisible processes.

Reexamining the ocean’s historic and superficial remoteness, this issue profiles the ocean as contemporary urban space and subject of material, political, and ecologic significance, asking how we are shaping it, and how it is shaping us.

The magazine combines contributions by noted critics and practitioners including Joshua Comaroff, Supersudaca, Byron Stigge and Hilary Sample; theorists such as AbdouMaliq Simone, Ulrich Beck, and Keller Easterling; as well as science-fiction writer Mark von Schlegell, abortion-rights activist Rebecca Gomperts, oceanographer Dawn Wright, and many others.

The full table of contents, along with rich material from the magazine’s history and back issues, is available on our website.

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