March 9, 2015

Call for applications:Philosophy in the Context of Art

Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm

Image courtesy of Royal Institute of Art – Kungl. Konsthögskolan (KKH).

Philosophy in the Context of Art (15 ECTS credits) is a part-time advanced level course introduced in autumn 2015 at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. The course is taught by Professor Peter Osborne and is offered for applicants enrolled at the Royal Institute of Art and also to a limited number of external applications. Philosophy in the Context of Art is intended for artist practitioners with a minimum of a BA in art or architecture or another relevant field interested in investigating and reflecting upon philosophical discourses on art and the arts, and exploring the artistic significance of philosophical ideas. The course will present and develop some concepts from European or so-called continental philosophy in the context of art, to invite their reflexive appropriation by postgraduate art practitioners, and to foster a dialogue between philosophical and artistic discourses.

The course’s goal is critically to explore the current state of some basic concepts that have distinct but either contested or as-yet-unexplored relevance to art practices and discourses of the arts more generally. These concepts may be philosophical versions of ones that have historically been a part of art discourse (such as image, the interesting, and use), or they may derive from the history of philosophy or current scientific practices. In each case, the consideration will have two aspects: (i) philosophical reflection on the genealogy, dynamics and development of the concepts, and (ii) critical reflection on their relevance or the production and criticism of contemporary art, and the mutations in them produced by the context of art.

Students will be introduced to the philosophical interpretation, analysis, and criticism of some basic concepts in the contemporary post-Kantian European tradition, and will consider and discuss their relevance to their own activities as art-practitioners.

The course will be structured in a periodic intensive workshop style, consisting of a lecture-based class, a seminar discussion class and a student presentation class along with tutorial time for supervision of student projects. An international conference will follow in January 2016 at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in collaboration with the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy on a theme explored within the course.

The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm will commence its annually rotating International Visiting Chair in Philosophy in the Context of Art with philosopher and Professor Peter Osborne in autumn 2015 followed by Professor Catherine Malabou in autumn 2016.


The International Visiting Chair, autumn 2015: Professor Peter Osborne
Peter Osborne is Professor of Modern European Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University, London. He is also an editor of the British journal Radical Philosophy. Osborne’s books include Anywhere or Not at All: Philosophy of Contemporary Art (2013); The Politics of Time: Modernity and Avant-Garde (1995/2011); Marx (2005); Conceptual Art (2002); and Philosophy in Cultural Theory (2000). He also edited the three-volume Walter Benjamin: Critical Evaluations in Cultural Theory (2005).

Professor Peter Osborne presents a public lecture introduction to the subjects explored in the autumn course titled “Use! Value! Exchange! Inside and Outside the Relations of Exchange – 2″ at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm on 27 April 2015 at 16h.


About the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm
The Royal Institute of Art is a leading art institution of higher education located in Stockholm that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Fine Arts and Architecture. Applications and relevant information are available on our website. For information regarding applications, please contact Anneli Hovberger, Director of Academic Administration at [email protected].


Call for applications: Philosophy in the Context of Art at Royal Institute of Art Stockholm

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