March 11, 2015

Studies in Material Thinking, Vol. 12

Studies in Material Thinking
The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Basement level 1, 2011. Photo: Leigh Carmichael.

Co Editors: Gary Sangster and Gay McDonald, UNSW Art & Design, Australia.
Editor-in-Chief: Nancy de Freitas, Design and Creative Technologies, AUT University, Auckland.

Volume 12 is a collection of papers dealing with the impact of recent art museum architecture on contemporary art, art museum practice, and viewer engagement in the 21st century. Designers, curators and researchers contribute to a lively contemporary discourse through analytical and reflective studies on the effects of physical and material realities of architecture on artworks and audiences. They consider a future shaped by the fast-paced evolution of new media and bring to light tensions between older curatorial notions of care for collections alongside contemporary curatorial practices of exposition. They recognise the diverse needs of audiences for both social and cultural engagement as well as deeper levels of engagement with contemporary art/design.


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