March 12, 2015

Materialisation in Art and Design (MAD), a temporary Master’s programme

Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam
Lex Pott, Diptych, 2014. Sandblasted Douglas
fir, 1805 x 875 x 10 mm. Photo: Raw Color.
Courtesy of New Window.

The Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam will launch a new temporary Master’s programme in September 2015 titled Materialisation in Art and Design (MAD). The course will be directed by Amsterdam-based architect Herman Verkerk. It is a continuation of the Material Utopias Master’s programme that started in 2013 and will conclude this year. Because of the success of Material Utopias and the growing interest in materialisation in art and design, MAD is founded on the same principles, while adding new fields of interest, such as the latest technologies and bio-materials as well as temporary constructions and installations.

About the course 
MAD challenges the conventional hierarchy between “concept” and “making,” “content” and “process,”  by making the material expression of works paramount. The medium is meaningful as the carrier of the message, its narrative and its function. Moreover, the making process by nature offers surprising, irrational, coincidental possibilities that the mind simply cannot predict or imagine.

Throughout this two-year programme, students experiment with various materials and techniques, while developing individual projects and a personal material library. Experimental workshops that push the boundaries of possibility play a central role. In these settings, students become acquainted with the latest technologies and materials, learn new craft skills or improve those they already have. Ample attention is paid to reflecting on working with old and new media and how these influence and define the resulting artworks and designs. Critical analysis is enhanced by, for instance, lectures and discussions with various experts on the topic of materialisation in art and design. In the final phase of the program, students develop a deep awareness of the diverse contexts for their works.

Students will work closely with the following Gerrit Rietveld Academie (GRA) Bachelor’s departments and/ or workshops: Ceramics, Glass, Textile and 3D printing. We also cooperate with external material workshops and institutes for high-tech innovation such as Wageningen University, Utrecht University and TextielLab.

Tutors and guests include Herman Verkerk (architect), Maurizio Montalti (designer), Eylem Aladogan (artist and head of the Ceramics department at GRA), Jens Pfeifer (artist and head of the Glass department at GRA), Laurie Cluitmans (art historian and co-director of Fons Welters gallery, Amsterdam), Marta & Slava (artists), Aaron Schuster (philosopher), Alexander van Slobbe (designer), Jo Taillieu (architect), Pascale Gatzen (artist) and Marjan van Aubel (designer). Others will be announced in due time.

Student profile 
Since art and design have become closely related fields, both benefiting from a hands-on experimental approach in order to reach innovative results, the programme is addressed to both artists and designers. Materialisation in Art and Design is looking for students with an open and inquisitive attitude, who are interested in experimenting with two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional works. Applicants are requested to show proof of their expertise and interest in working with various materials and techniques, and their ability to analyse inherent characteristics.


How to apply 
Please visit our website for the online application. This one-off Master’s programme will run from September 2015 through summer 2017. Deadline for applications is April 1. Applicants are requested to submit their biography, a motivation letter and a PDF with at least three recent projects, including pictures if appropriate.

More information and contact
Contact Linde Dorenbosch (course coordinator) for any questions you may have: [email protected].

More information click here.

About Sandberg Instituut
The Sandberg Instituut is the post-graduate department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, offering Master’s programmes in art and design.

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