March 19, 2015

“Communication in Cultural Institutions”

Fundación Proa
Top, left to right: Tijana Tasich (Tate), Marcelo Franco (ICESI University), Jiajia Fei (Guggenheim), Ana de Fátima Sousa (Itaú Cultural). Bottom, left to right: Magdalena Ayerra (Distrito de las Artes), Rosario García Martínez (Fundación Proa), Juan Aranovich (Club Cultural Matienzo) y Guadalupe Requena (MALBA).

The two-day seminarCommunication in Cultural Institutions” brings together experts from local and international institutions to debate how digital culture is changing the way we communicate with our audiences and how institutions are adapting to this new digital scenario.

Keynote speakers Tijana Tasich (Tate, London), JiaJia Fei (Guggenheim, New York) and digital media specialist Marcelo Franco (ICESI, Colombia) will join renowned professionals from Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo to present a variety of projects and innovative experiences focused on participation. The seminar will discuss digital transformation, social media strategy, content management and digital audiences.

The meeting focuses on changing processes in the cultural and communications sphere and their impact on cultural institutions (digital culture, new media and the transformation of media industries and their relationship with audiences).

The common theme that runs through all the presentations and discussions is how digital culture is changing communications in cultural institutions. We understand this change not only in terms of the technologies used in communication, but also—and especially—in terms of the modifications the digital dimension imposes on relationship (both with information and between people), and on how we create content and build communities around participatory practices.

The program includes talks, case studies, a roundtable, and two workshops that aim to facilitate discussions around processes of change and their impact on the local cultural sector.

The seminar aims to generate a space for professional learning and exchange and to contribute to updating local knowledge, the circulation of local and international experiences, the creation of networks, new research, and the creation of bonds between institutions.

Enrollment is open to communication professionals from public and private cultural institutions and independent consultants interested in this debate and in a position to put its contents into practice.

Speakers: JiaJia Fei, Marcelo Franco, Tijana Tasich
Case Studies: Buenos Aires Art District; Club Cultural Matienzo; Fundación Proa, Education Department; Itaú Cultural (Brazil); MALBA.

Organization: Maia Persico, Andrés Herrera


Seminar: "Communication in Cultural Institutions" at Fundación Proa

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