April 14, 2015

2015 MFA thesis exhibition

Columbia University School of the Arts
Images from the Class of 2015. Courtesy of Columbia University
School of the Arts.

Curated by Omar López-Chahoud

The Columbia University School of the Arts Visual Arts Program, in association with the Fisher Landau Center for Art, presents the 2015 MFA thesis exhibition, encompassing work by the 27 artists who will graduate from the program this May. The opening reception is Sunday, April 26, from 2 to 5pm. The show is curated by Omar López-Chahoud.

The artists in the show are Cristina Camacho, Sam Cockrell, Kelsey Elverum, John Ganz, Patrice Aphrodite Helmar, Stephen Paul Jackson, Bora Kim, Yujin Lee, Nicole Maloof, Talia Link, Dana Lok, Ioana Manolache, Jakub Milčák, Matthew Morrocco, Leah Moskowitz, J.P. Mot, Gina O’Connor, Ilaria Ortensi, Lorella Paleni, Ruth Patir, Sondra R. Perry, Julia Phillips, Xiaoshi Vivian Vivan Qin, Cole Sayer, Angelica Teuta, August Vollbrecht and Jonathan Bruce Williams.

This event is free and open to the public.


Columbia University School of the Arts Visual Arts Program presents 2015 MFA thesis exhibition

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