April 17, 2015

MA programs in Urban Studies, Animation, Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Estonian Academy of Arts
Leonhard Lapin, Värvilind (Colourbird), 1974. Animation film directed by Rein Raamat, 7:10 minutes. Courtesy of Rein Raamat and Leonhard Lapin. © Tallinnfilm.

Master’s program in Urban Studies
Urban Studies in the Medieval and Contemporary Cityscapes of Tallinn, Estonia

The two-year Master’s program in Urban Studies is situated at the intersection of critical urban studies, urban planning, architectural history and theory, and urban ethnography. The program foregrounds the dual character of the urban as a built form and as a social process and interrogates the dynamics of institutions, actors, and conflicts that shape the urbanism of today. Combining rigorous academic research with experimental investigative methods and intensive field work, the education prepares students to engage with the urban at different levels: design, planning, policy, research and activism. Formally, the program combines semester-long design/research studios with intensive workshops and reading seminars. Prospective students hold a Bachelor degree in architecture, sociology, geography or another spatially relevant discipline; they are assessed on the basis of a portfolio consisting of a design or/and written work.

The program is fully in English.

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Master of Arts in Animation
Two-year Master of Arts in Animation program for students interested in animation directing and filmmaking.

If you are an ambitious and determined artist, with the talent, motivation, and desire to create unique work form new directions and realize your career aspirations as an animation director, this course is ideal.

The course combines several disciplines, e.g. animation, scriptwriting, history of animation, and media theory, making the background of this MA program trans-disciplinary.

The coursework mainly concentrates on classical and experimental techniques, i.e. drawing animation, stop motion, cut-outs, sand animation, painting under the camera, etc. In the professional sense, students will direct and produce animated films. The courses are taught by award-winning animation directors and artists Priit Pärn, Olga Pärn, and Ülo Pikkov.

Students of the animation department are involved in organizing the annual festival Animated Dreams, which is part of POFF, the Black Nights Film Festival, held in Estonia during the dim evenings of Autumn.

The whole curriculum is taught in English.

Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
The field in which we operate—the built-up environment as a whole—forces us to synthesize and perceive architectural problems and environmental issues more generally. At the same time, we deal with all the smallest tangible details and problems that people are personally interested in. And we must know what is happening in the other design fields and fine arts, and to be familiar with a large number of technical disciplines. These include, among others: lighting and acoustics, heating and ventilation, building and finishing materials, building and furniture structures, and various computer programs. If we add good communications skills, necessary for understanding and influencing the client or various interest groups related to the design process, as well as the need to be well-acquainted with the specifics of various design fields, we get quite an awe-inspiring list.

The program is in English.

Estonian Academy of Arts provides a synergetic and quaint environment to explore the various disciplines of visual and spatial culture.

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Estonian Academy of Arts MA programs in Urban Studies, Animation, Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

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